Friday, August 05, 2011

Baby, it's you

Hello there, meet my newest buah-hati-pengarang-jantung, Nurfa Irdina Bte Norman. (Hahaha fullname sungguh tak perlu). She stole my heart since the very first time we met, boo. Honestly speaking I'm not the kind yang mesra alam dengan babies. No, it's not that I hate them or what, but I just don't know how to handle them. I'm really scared if these babies start to cry cause I really have no idea what to do - I don't know what they want and I have no freaking idea how to quieten them down. But this girl, taktahu kenapa, I was just super tempted to carry her when we met. She is super cute kan! (Please say yes or I'll smack you :P) And she didn't even cry when I took her from her mother's lap okay! Dia siap boleh ketawa lagi. *Pengsan please* Sorry, I'm just...teruja. Yes. Teruja. (What's teruja in English eh by the way? >.<)

Okay, I really miss this one year old kid already. Big time. Nurfa, bila mau jumpa your makcik-sedara-nih? I miss your babyish smell, please! :S


  1. teruja tu exited kan? if i'm not mistaken la. Btw, she's beautiful :)