Monday, August 29, 2011

Bergemalah nazam lebaran~

Salam all. Hamdan lillah. It's first Syawal already. So how's your preparation for Eid so far?(:

I did spring cleaning the past two days. Okay make it three if you include today, teehee. My room is in a big mess. Like seriously. Tak percaya? Hold on I shall upload those photos. Jangan terkejut :P

Honestly speaking I can't live in this environment. But these days, seriously, busy tahap melampau maha amat punya. I hardly have time to clear up the mess. And do take note that I share this room with my sister so please don't put the blame on only me :P Anyways that was before. After?

Way better, please! Keke. And finally my brother has drilled the wall for me yay! Finally I've a shelf to store my extra novels yang dah melimpah ruah dari almari. Teehee.

Please excuse that poster. Can't help it, gah. My room used to be flooded with posters. I know it's not appropriate so I took all of them down - except for this one. BOF's. Ada sentimental value la. Hoho. It's customized. Print it out myself. Semangat right. But that was like, two three years ago? When I was so into Kpop. Now I'm a little bit...chill. Haha. Speaking of which, dah sebulan tak dengar Kpop (almost) Victory man! Keke.

And I'm super happy cause I get to paste flowers on my wall yay! Don't ask me since when I become a minah boonga cause I also don't know since when. Okay wait. I think it started with Marks & Spencers Rose body spray. And I fell in love with the smell of roses ever since. And hence the name Nirrosette. Nir and roses (Y)

Oh my, been spending too much time blogging already. Time to iron my clothes. Toodles for now. Happy eid, everyone! :D

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