Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Books make me go ga-ga!

Kakyah: Nir, awat pos Spore ni. Bedah buku dulu ke. Macam la Spore dekat Alaska nun
Me: Tahu takpeeeee. Kak Ika punya kad raya dari Hlovate dah sampai!! Cis! Harap-haraplah esok sampai. Kalau tak Nir bako je pos office tuh.

Siyesly man. Terseksa jiwa raga tahu tak :O

Anyways. Singgah-ed kak Ika Madera's place today to collect JS books. She desperately needed space and wanted to clear the extra books yang masih belum dibeli so she slashed the price all the way down \O/ Yes, she sold each book at only six bucks and the unwrapped ones at only five bucks. Beb, siapa takmau seh. \O/ (Yes this is a new emoticon I learn from inche Pingu Toha - that expression when you say 'OMG' with your eyes wide open, jaws dropped and both hands on your cheeks, kekeke).

I took eight books in total - five for myself and the other three for Fiddy, Humy and Nin. So what did I get? 5 Tahun 5 Bulan, Versus, aA+bB, Damai and Jaja & Din. Truth is, I've already read these books. Hoho. So beli buat apa ya? Saja buat display, kut. Hahaha. And gah, apparently my shelf pun minta-ampun-saratnya. So nak campak buku-buku ni di mana ya?

Okay I've actually bought an extra shelf from Ikea already. But I'm so smart. I've no drill and screws so I've no idea how in the world am I going to pasang that shelf. Anyone kind enough, tolong pinjamkan drill dan pasangkan shelf tuh please? Boohoo! :(

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