Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cause JS you're the bomb!

Hello world. Wasn't feeling well for the past few days :( Down with high fever and a bad runny nose. Was on MC for three days. Lakin, I'm feeling better now alhamdulillah. But I've yet to finish my antibiotics and seriously, I can't telan those colourful pills anymore :( How now brown cow! Boo.

Anyways. I've received my advanced royalty money from Jemari Seni. Dapat 'duit raya' in advance lah :D Keke. Rizq minallah. Alhamdulillah. I envy kak Rnysa & Iqbal though, they have a copy of my book already dang it! Mine is still in the gudang pos kut. Bila mau sampai. Tunggu first baby nih, adoyai, memang terseksa sungguh. Sesungguhnya penantian itu adalah satu penyeksaan okey.

Hmm what else do I want to blog about? Prolly nothing much. Nothing 'exciting' happened these days cause I was just rotting at home. Okay this post isn't going anywhere, haha. I'd better end it before I start crapping. So, goodnight semua. Salam alaikum. Selamat bersahur! (:

Ps: Banyaklah orang karam di laut, saya seorang karam di hati.