Friday, August 12, 2011

Hamdan lillah, it's official!

Kakyah: Ada apa-apa lagi Nir nak kakyah rahsiakan besides nama dan umur?
Me: Ada apa lagi seh yang diorang nak tahu besides
name and age?

Kakyah: Ada. Sekolah mana......dan dah kahwin ke belum.
Me: Hah! Yang part kahwin tu sungguh tak perlu ok!

Seriusly kekek. JS memang banyak hardcore fan apparently. My book is not even out yet but Alhamdulillah dah ada positive response so far, PM-ing me saying that they can't wait for the book to hit the shelves. Please lower down your expectation though, it's my first try. I really don't know how I did. And the truth is, I'm nervous. Boo! :S Especially 'competitor' untuk novel Ogos ni ialah the highly recognised Inche Iqbal Syarie, boleh mati :O Hahaha.

Anyways. Amongst the things they asked were how old am I and what course am I in. (Well I guess it's obvious I'm a student, I don't deny that :P) But okay eventually they can guess my age when I come down untuk fan signing Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur at PWTC next year (Insya Allah). But nanti-nantilah. For now, I wouldn't want to reveal anything. To those who already know, please keep it to yourselves. I appreciate that a lot (:

No, I'm not trying to be the mysterious Hlovate that everyone's chasing after and wallahua'lam entah-siapa-entah-dia-tuh. I just want some privacy. Please don't start telling me that privacy doesn't exist in this highly globalised world yada yada yada. Roll eyes please. I do know that okay :P I'm just trying to protect whatever I can, while I still can. If you know what I mean(:

Oh by the way. Kakyah just informed me that my book's out, hamdan lillah :D Sudah siap diprint dan sudah siap untuk dipesan. 20% discount if you order from Jemari Seni website (untuk Malaysia je, I guess). For Singapore, it'll hit the stores (ceh stores, padahal satu kedai je as far as I know) most prolly during the first week of Hari Raya. Kakyah has promised to post me a few copies this Monday. Insya Allah I'll receive them next week. Excited much! :D

Alrighty, I'm done for now. Need to prepare for break fast. Selamat berbuka semua. Salam alaik! (:


  1. Ehem! bought already your new baby. Yay me!
    nom, i'm waiting for encik postmen je xD

    *you datang pesta buku tahun depan?! Homaigod, nanti nak tangkap gambar dengan artis lah !

  2. woaaah tak aci bulaaan! sy nk jugak :((
    adik nir syg[bodek hbs ni], ade few copies tu tlg laa post ke sini satuuu~ ahahahaa

    *nak peg pesta buku lah next year ! :DD

  3. Wahhh cik bulan so efficient! Most prolly you're going to get it before me. Unfair sungguh! Boo la! :S Hahaha!

    *Insya Allah next year I'm coming to PWTC. Boleh jumpa lagi, yay! :D

    Alamak cik ika, my 'few copies' sudah pun di'booking' orang :S How now brown cow! Boo. Sorry ya. Kena carik orang kampung tolong postkan to you. Hahaha.

    *Boleh ke balik? Masa tu dah tamat study ke belum? :P