Monday, August 15, 2011

Life's good with you girls around ♥

Just a short update. I don't feel good. Been sneezing my life away since I-don't-know-when. I think I'm falling sick. Haven't really sleep for the past few days. Boohoo :S

Anyways. Iftar with dearest Bambinas was beyond awesome. Twenty six out of thirty seven turned up. Hamdan lillah, despite our busy schedule most of us tried to come down. Qees and I were late though. We cabbed all the way down to Farah's crib (Qees bayar). Perangai budak kaya, macam gitu lah. :P

Oh yes. Dal had an announcement while we were iftar-ing today. Our reaction was priceless. As always.

Dal: After some considerations, I've decided not to go back to Australia. For good.
Us: Yayyyyy! *Cheering* Why why why! *Excited*
Dal: Cause I'm going UK.
Us: *The cheering suddenly stop* =.= WHUT!

Seriously that was epic. Last year during iftar she announced that she's going to Aussie for I-don't-know-what-I-forgot-exactly-where. And this year she announced she's going to University of Boston to do law pulak. Dal, Dal. Lucky girl. Never fails to surprise us every year. Next year announcement apa pulak, nak kahwin? :P

Second announcement was however, seriously slap forehead moment la.

Hazzy: Siapa nak kahwin or tunang make sure buat between June to Sept ok!
Us: Hah why why! *Excited sekejap*
Qees: Tahun ni ke tahun depan? *Qees you so naive le! Dengar-dengar tahun ni ade orang nak kahwin pe. Hahah*
Hazzy: Because that's the only time Dal's available in Singapore.
Us: =.=

Mereps. But it was uber funny la that amongst the first question these people ask setelah-almost-setahun tak jumpa was, "Are you attached now?" They will just tembak random guys name they always see on fb and everyone else will go "Wooo is it true??" Padahal actually nothing pun. Kekek. Satu-satu muka dah T.T Blame the smarties la. Hazzy esp :P Tanyalah how are you ke apa. Ni tidak. Dalam banyak-banyak soalan. Chet. But well, girls talk memang forever macam ni kan. Hahaha.

Oh dang, I realized this post is not short afterall. It's two thirty in the morning and time's up. Lailun saeed everyone. May Allah bless!

Ps: Bambinas by heart. Uhibbukunna fillah. Each and everyone of you ♥

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