Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thank Allah it's Friday

Had a good time at Kak Ayu's crib. Iftar session with fellow Bahas 4PM AJK and 2010/2011 participants today. I wasn't expecting all these people to turn up (yang sungguh macam dah out of the planet tak contact kak Falah langsung), seriously, ingatkan cuma kita-kita je yang ada, but wow, ramai jugak yang turun. Alhamdulillah. Jiwa bahas for the win eh!

Catch up session was fun esp with Afza, Fatin & Kak Falah. Shared inspirational stories eh. It made us think twice thrice four times and even five: If they can, why can't we? They're just ordinary people, like us too. Nothing is impossible. We'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricane to get to that one thing eh, haha. Ameen Insya Allah, siapa tahu? Press on, peeps!(:

Gahhhh, I'm too drained yet I can't sleep. Feeling restless I guess. Or maybe I'm still full. Makan banyak tadi, astaghfirullah :S (Can't help it la. I was too hungry and the food's nice. Perangai budak gemuk, boo!) Please jangan tipu. I bet y'all ate a lot jugak tadi kan! Own up please! :P

Talking to kakyah right now (my Ikhlas, A.K!'s editor) and she's seriously making me smile macam-orang-gila depan netbook. She was asking what's up with my PS(refer to August 4th post). I was like, what, what's up? Takde apa-apa la. *Avoiding* Hahaha. But she's seriously good at korek-ing stuff, from Z to C to H and then back to A. She links up everything perfectly, somehow, and that made me smile. (Tak faham tak apa) But I really cannot tahan when she said,

"Btw, skrg kakyah dah tau kenapa adam ada umi dan pandai silat dan nama adam rhyme dgn _____."

Kakyah memang stalker terunggul, tahu? Slap forehead moment betul. I literally jaw drop depan netbook bila dia cakap macam tu, sungguh tak tipu. I was like, HAH YA ALLAH TAKDE LINK LAH KAKYAH! Yes, siap dengan caps sekali please. Dia dengan bangganya kata orang yang banyak makan garam knows better. Boo la! But seriously kakyah observant gila. Nir tak perasan langsung pun the similiarities! :S Tsktsk!

Alright, it's almost three o'clock in the morning. I think I shall nap sekejap before sahur. Toodles everyone. May Allah bless! Selamat berpuasa! (:

Ps: And THAT was embarrassing la, please tell me I DID NOT freak out omg :S


  1. There's no 4th August's post pun?
    Mana nak refer? :'(

  2. Alamak I also tak ingat what I posted. I think I've got the date wrong. *Sepak muka sendiri* Tsktsk!