Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because you miss me, that's why

Salam readers. Fingers itching to blog today. Been awhile since I last blogged. Miss me or not? Better say yes *ugut*, hahaha. Since I've got some time to spare, here's an update(;

Done with exams for the first week. Though I'm pretty sure I totally screwed up yesterday's papers, I think there's a lesson to be learnt. Tolong jangan gatal tidur pukul empat pagi kalau tahu ada paper karang pukul lapan. Memang cari nahas. Taubat tak buat lagi, sungguh!

Anyways. Plan untuk duduk diam bertapa dalam gua kinda failed. Though I mugged like nobody's business (sort of), I still managed to:-

1. Khatam Iqbal Syarie's DYK on Saturday. Or was it on Sunday. I can't recall. Proper review coming up soon, insya Allah.

2. Hit the library and found Saidatul Saffa's Quartet, Ahmd Ibrhm's Merah & Mia as well as Dihsar Ludba Haqifa's Alahai Jijah. Was tempted to read but up until now...masih untouched. Though sempat belek-belek Ahmd Ibrhm's novel cause it's quite thin and I thought I could finish it within an hour but I end up reading only the first few chapters. After exams, I will khatam (; Promise.

Oh yes and shout out to Ahmd Ibrhm. Big congratulations to you, straight As for trial ke apa! \O/ Alhamdulillah! I'm so happy for you la, brader! *Salutes* (;

3. Met Nin on Tuesday to pass her Ikhlas A.K! She's having her term break now so boleh lah harap dia khatamkan buku tuh and review asap. Perangai tak senonoh paksa orang baca, lol. We end up lepak-ing at Food Culture munching on cheese fries and just reminisce the old days. I had a good time, a good laugh. I miss my primary and secondary school days, somehow. Big time.

Oh yes, we waked past this new shoe shop so we decided to go in. And we had this epic conversation, ever.

Me: Oh my gaaaaaa~ This is naise! *Ambek kasut*
Nin: How much?
Me: $16.90. *Pauses* *Belek-belek tag on the kasut* *Gasps* Oh my! It's freaking 69 ringgit seh! So ex!
Nin: So, nak beli ke tak ni?
Me: *Put back the shoes on the rack* Nevermind lah. So ex. I don't need them anyway.
Nin: =.= Nir, just in case if you forget, you're buying in sing dollars. Not ringgit. Yang mahal tu sana. Bukan sini, tau.
Me: Whutttt! Perli aku ke makcik?

Grr. Hahaha. But it was really epic when she said that. 'You're buying in sing dollars, not ringgit.' She gave me that look as though I really didn't know I'm supposed to pay in which currency. But again, my Everlast sneakers is still fine, intact. (Yes, I wear sneakers most of the time. Pumps only when terasa macam nak dress up hahahahaha). Though I totally love the shoes, ada roses design okey, I thought it wasn't right. Membazir kan. Zuhud, Nir, Zuhud. *Coughs*

4. Sister asked if I want to join her for lunch at the mall. She was with ibu, and my other sister. (Yes, I have two sisters). I was full actually, cause I had a heavy breakfast with my friend. Though I know I should jolly well spend my time mugging, decided to join them cause, well, it's a family thing after all and I wouldn't want to miss (:

5. Burnt the midnight oil cause I wanted to tag BFFs jalan raya session. I had to join them halfway cause I've promised if I can't clear whatever I'm supposed to do, I ain't going anywhere. Though some of us joined much later cause we've got work to attend to, all nine of us turned up, yay hamdan lillah. (Yeah, my clan consists of nine girls. Including myself.)

Hari ni kita semua perangai-budak-cab. Suka-suka hail cab from one house to another. Bila la korang nak ambik lesen nih, kalau dah ada driver kan bagus. Ficky tengah in the process. Don't know about the rest.

Had this another epic conversation, about which driving license to take - manual or auto when suddenly Ficky asked:-

Ficky: Bila kau nak ambek?
Me: Me? Not going to lah. I don't want to drive. Aku nak lesen motor.
Nadya: Seriously Nir?
Me: Serious. *Tahan ketawa*
Nin: Waaaaa~ (Entah apa yang waa sangat pun tak faham)
Me: =.=" I can't even ride a bicycle. Apa kes nak ambek lesen motor?

Yes I can't ride a bike. Sungguh. Tak pandai balance. Dah jatuh banyak kali dah. Last-last give up. Heh. And I've no intention to get myself a driving license. I've no sense of direction like seriously. Boo.

6. Alright. I'm done for now. DYK's review...not so soon, I guess. When I'm free over the weekend insya Allah. Toodles for now. May Allah bless! Take care!

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