Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dia yang kunikahi ♥

Salam alaikum. Firstly I'd like to apologise cause I know I was supposed to review DYK last weekend. I wasn't really busy. I just didn't have the luxury of time to post long entries. So since I've some time to spare now, here goes a proper update (:

I read Dia Yang Kunikahi (DYK in short) two weeks ago. Honestly speaking if I don't know the author, I don't think I'm going to read it. Because firstly, the author is a male. And I think I've mentioned this in one of my previous posts, I've something against male authors haha. But then again on a second thought, DYK's tagline kinda ignite my interest: Kita berpisah kerana Allah. And the cover is very nice. I'm a sucker for cute/nice/pretty book covers, by the way. Though people always say don't judge a book by it's cover, I'm the kind who will take a book based on it's cover actually, heh (Y)

It's been a long time since I read proper malay novels. As in, yang betul-betul melayu. I can't recall what was the last malay book I read before DYK. Most probably it was Pingu's Ada & Evan. Ada & Evan isn't full malay. So you see, memang lama gila dah tak baca buku yang bangsa melayu habis punya. And hence, I hope that explains why I sort of merangkak reading this.

Okay, back to proper review. (Eh anyways I don't really 'review' pun. Lagau je apa yang rasa nak taip. Heh.) Basically DYK ni tentang this guy nama dia Adam Johari. In my eyes dia sangat alim plus warak tahap ulama. You might say I'm exaggerating but that's what I honestly thought. He's just so into tarbiyah, halaqah, etc. Going to people's house to tadabbur al-Quraan. Macam, whoa. So alim la this man. Wonder if such guy really exists. Macam susah nak jumpa. Kalau ada pun one in a million, confirm.

But he isn't perfect lah. He has his own sejarah silam. Sejarah silam with this girl nama dia Nasuha. And he has to face this dilemma of his parents trying to kenen-kenenkan dia with Aisyah, his childhood best friend. Apparently he can't get over Nasuha but he couldn't find where in the world she is. Lepas tu...Okey nak tahu lebih lanjut sila baca sendiri. I don't intend to summarise the whole book eh :P

What I personally like about the book? It's two in one - there's unsur dakwah untuk reminder and there's love story (berlandaskan syariat la) to lighten things up. Sejujurnya rasa macam baca buku agama sebab banyak gila tazkirah in there. When I say banyak gila, I really mean it. There's quite a number of babs the author wrote just for the sake of tazkirah, I think. I remember there's one bab about these two girls talking about nak keluar date with a guy masa diorang tengah cuci baju or something. And then this Nasuha girl came over just to advise them that it's not good to keluar berdua-duaan dengan lelaki yada yada yada. And these two watak never muncul again. You get my point. Heh.

And the ending is....haha. Different people, different perception. I've read elsewhere saying that the ending is unpredictable. But because I've predicted an unpredictable ending, the ending becomes predictable. Faham tak? Somehow macam dah boleh agak la apa jadi last-last.

What I do not like about the book? Haha. Cuma satu je. Adam Johari sangat mengada-ngada tahap minta-kena-cekik-sampai-putus-nafas. Sangat demanding, especially when it comes to his jodoh. Nak sangat produk siap. I totally roll eyes at this part:

"Saya tak mahu gadis-gadis yang macam Qistina Azra. Tidak bijak menjaga pergaulan. Dan tidak rasa bersalah menzahirkan kecantikan diri."

Dey, if you want that kind of girl, go find at bawah tempurung or pesantren and pinang la. I wonder his definition of 'tidak bijak menjaga pergaulan' though. Is she supposed to be the katak-bawah-tempurung kind of girl who doesn't socialize and avoid men at all costs? I doubt it's possible la, in today's context especially.

And to find that kind of girl, you've got to be that kind of man. The fact that he ambik-cuti-because-nak-teman-Aisyah-go-temu-duga kind of tarnish his name in my book somehow. Maaflah. I know nobody's perfect. But he wants the perfect girl. So...isn't he supposed to be one?

Sorry lah, terkutuk budak Adam Johari ni pulak. Kalaulah dia orang, dah lama dah kena jumpa pi minta maaf. Free je dapat dosa. Haha. But put Adam Johari aside - the rest is (Y) Though DYK lacked humor, I think the tazkirahs managed to compensate the loop hole la. It's a DaBOM book anyways. Dakwah-Buat-Orang-Muda. What do you expect? (;

To readers, you would probably buy this book if you want something light - takde watak jahat tahap melampau macam dalam sinetron Indonesia, something very agama-ish - it has benefited me hamdan lillah, I' m pretty sure it will benefit you as well insya Allah and something yang tak banyak pergolakan emosi - except for the ending where you go =.= or :O or \O/

Jangan risau, it's a happy ending, I can say. Who in the world doesn't like happy endings kan? (;

Akhir kata, ten thumbs up to Mr Iqbal Syarie untuk DYK. I'll be waiting for Awan Diana next(;


  1. i've been hearing people talked bout his book over and over again. ngee, buat ika jealous tak ada kat msia to go and grab one :((

  2. Hahaha later you balik can go buy okiee! Hehehe :D

  3. setuju. lelaki yang tek perfect lepas tu kondem perempuan~eii. tk boleh tahan