Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seikat Kembang Merah ♥

Khatam-ed Imaen's Seikat Kembang Merah yesterday. Was tempted to read cause everyone kept talking about it. Baik Kakyah, Iqbal, kak Ika. So without much hesitation lepas borak dengan kakyah, malam tu jugak turun Geylang cari SKM. Padahal kakyah suruh kirim kak ika cause if I buy straight from JS dapat discount penulis. But I couldn't wait any longer. Kak Ika turun KL end of the month. Berapa lama tu nak tunggu. Dah gian sangat nak baca. Haha. Alhamdulillah when I came, SKM masih ada stock. Yay! :D

And the book is da bomb please. Seriously, I was speechless after I read the book. Jaw drop tahap maha punya. That book is super awesome beyond words la. I'll give ten thumbs up, if that's possible :D

To be very honest, I don't fancy male authors untuk malay novels actually. Don't ask me why tapi based on my own observation, male authors tend to use bahasa kasar and is a little bit too open. So I stopped reading any novels written by male authors. There's exception though - Pingu Toha. Sebab language dia tolerable. Bangsa the way I talk everyday punya, heh. But SKM is so far the most tolerable Imaen book ever. No offense abang Imaen but serius Nir tak boleh hadam Labyrinth dengan Sigaraning. Too chim probably? Or maybe it's just because I've stereotyped male authors so I find those books not appealing at all :S

Okay back to SKM. Why in the world did I even try to read the book in the first place? Well, it's because a friend wrote the review and I happen to read it. Sila jenguk blog inche Iqbal Syarie okey. Sneak preview dia baik punya (Y)

I fell in love with this book because basically semua element pun ada. Humor, suspense, unsur dakwah, love (berlandaskan syariat Islam), mystery, action, okay I dunno what else but senang kata, everything is packed in one. Anti climax dia pun serius twist gila. Well at least, I didn't expect THAT ending. I was prepared to cry already, in case anyone dies. Rupa-rupanya....ooops. Spoiler alert :P

Anyways. Currently reading Dia Yang Kunikahi by Iqbal. (Tak sabar nak kutuk buku awak pulak woohoo jkjk). And that will be my last book. I've promised. No more. Need to focus on my studies. Can't afford to waste any more time. Speaking of which, blog will be on hiatus until my exam ends - which is going to be on the 21st of September. I'll announce this again on a separate post yeah(:

Toodles for now, lailun saeed everyone! ♥


  1. haihh. im missing lot of good books nie~
    balik nanti kena qadha' balik baca sume sume nie. hahahaa..

    p/s: alaaa, kenapa taleh masuk with labyrinth :(
    one of my fav~ heheee ;D

  2. Itulahhh siapa suruh buat org jeles pegi london pegi paris tgk eiffel tower segala :P Hahaha. Alaa buku tuh best ke? Nanti laaaa nir try baca. Bila dabes exam nanti. Kekeke.