Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time for netball yay!

Qees texted me the other day asking if I'd like to turun watch our juniors' netball training session tomorrow. Since class ends early, I said yes. Banyak la nak 'watch'. Padahal Qees just wanted to lepak since she's having her term break right now, she didn't know what to do and currently sedang happily unemployed (Seriously makcik, pi carik keje la! Nanti gumok!) Keke.

Truthfully it's been awhile since I last jejak masuk court. I kinda miss the ball, the pole and the net. And the netballers, of course. There used to be Im, AZ, Asy, Ayie, Bedah, Aiyu, Sak, Qees and Fad. We used to burn our Friday afternoons running around the court like maniacs. Doing endless ball work and footwork. Kena tengking sebab tak tangkap bola, kena marah sebab tak defend betul-betul, kena lari keliling court sebab tak jaga stepping, kena buli jadi ball picker and the list goes on and on. Penat memang penat. Tapi fun to the max. The strong bond we forged.

Ahh~ I miss those days, those times. Now everyone's everywhere. Some dah ditch netball for other games. Some dah totally tak involved dan tak kuasa nak main. I myself have already hanged my WA bib last year. In August, or was it September. Can't really recall. Never had a decent game ever since. My stamina has deteriorated I guess. I probably can't even last playing two consecutive quarters. *Smacks forehead*

And I don't know why but I've got the sudden urge to run these days. (Rasa macam nak lari jauh-jauh. Lari dari siapa? Lari dari apa? Only Allah knows. Haish.) Okey abaikan statement tuh. Anyways. I doubt that I can play tomorrow though. Cause I've to go Muhajirin Mosque right after netball. I can't possibly barge in the mosque in my sports attire right, heh. Oh yes speaking of which, I'm totally hyped for tomorrow's Quranabic session yay! Humy and Fiddy are coming with me insya Allah. Hope we'll have a good time there, teehee (:

Okie dokie. I'm done for now. Salam alaikum. May Allah bless!

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