Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes, Boss!

Current read Yes Boss! by Areila Sahimi. Proper review nanti la kalau rajin keke. I still owe Ahmd Ibrhm's Merah & Mia review. Yeah I finally khatam buku yang super tipis tuh teehee. I've quite a number of books waiting to be read but I dunno nak baca apa after Eila's book. I have Zahrah De Tigris, Labyrinth and Alahai Jijah. Which one should I read first eh? (:

This is probably the mendak-est entry ever, if you know what I mean. I've lost interest in blogging somehow. Or maybe that's just because nothing interesting happened to me these past few days. Okey tipu. My last weekend was da bomb la but I just have nothing to blog about. It was just the mundane today-I-went-to-yada-yada-yada-with-yada-yada-yada and nobody would even bother reading. I don't bother typing either, actually haha.

It's already twelve midnight and I've got class in the morning. Toodles for now. Sorry for wasting five minutes of your life reading this piece of entry. Goodnight everyone! Barakallahu feek!

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