Saturday, October 01, 2011

Because the world loves you, that's why :P

Someone complained that my blog is too private nowadays. Too much anonymity. I don't post the "Today-I-went-to-yada-yada-yada...." kind of posts anymore. Hahaha. Okay so here goes a proper-tak-anonymous-kind-of-entry as requested. Puas hati? :P

[Entry edited - Start]
Dah request orang buat not-so-anonymous-entry, dia request gambar pulak. *Smack forehead*
Okay since I found a few photos (yang tak nampak my face pun hahahaha) I shall upload them here yay! (:
[Entry edited - End]

Qees asked me to meet her at three o'clock yesterday. But then I texted her saying I'll be late. Malas nak datang siang cause I didn't plan to play. Just nak datang tengok what, heh. I stepped out of the house after asar. Called Qees asking where's she and who's there but guess what?

Me: Qees, where you? Siapa ada kat court?
Qees: Halooo Nir! Guess what? I'm at hoooooome!
Me: What! *Jaw drop gila punya. It's like what, four thirty already and she's still at home? Hahaha!*
Qees: I'm taking a cab. Want me to pick you up?
Me: Cheh!

Perangai gila kan kan kan. Smack forehead moment betul. Keluar dengan Qees forever naik cab. Well yeah I asked her to come pick me up la since she said she belanja tambang. *Mengambil kesempatan sungguh keke* We reached the court around five or so. Ngeeee rindunya court! Ahhh~ Dah lama tak jumpa budak-budak ni. Ter-eksaited kejap! Teehee.

Initially I didn't want to play cause I wasn't properly attired. Was wearing skirt and pumps. Macammana nak lari kan. But Qees ditched me and played so I had to rot at the side alone watching them :( Jealous gilaaaaa. So I end up playing as well during the second game. Sungguh la buat perangai-budak-anyhow-whack-rules. *Muka innocent*

Qees, Im and myself were in the same team. Yay! Wah seriously lama gila the three of us tak main together in one team. Okey plus a few other juniors yang sungguh-macam-tak-pernah-nampak dan tak-tau-nama so bila nak panggil I just called, "Sini weh!" or "Belakang beb!" or just-stop-and-stare at them to mintak bola. Hahaha. We call ourselves team budak-tudung-biasa (I heard Dee said we're budak-tudung-pesen-2009 hahaha) whereas our opponent was budak-tudung-shawl.

If you're smart you'll figure out which one is me. Kekeke. Anyways. I'm impressed with our juniors cause they're so awesome la can? Ayiin and Nadiah remind me of Im and Ayie. Perfect GA/GS pair. Dee reminds me of Sak. Defend me so good le. I couldn't really run cause I was wearing skirt (banyak la alasan) but truthfully she's a good defender. Mary's shooting gets better and better. And the other juniors wallahua'lam-tak-tahu-nama punya shooting pun accurate (Y) IMG Netball next year kita angkat okey? Gold please! Ameen Insya Allah! (:

I didn't know what's the final score though cause I had to leave halfway. I was super late already. Supposed to leave by six but when I checked the watch it was already six twenty five. Tuu lah, best sangat main sampai tak perasan time. I've class at seven forty five and the journey from netball court to Muhajirin Mosque takes like, forever? An hour or so. Sedihnyaaaa. Janji nak makan yong tau foo dengan Qees pun terpaksa burn. Haish. Next time maybe, insya Allah :D

Quranabic session was awesome, hamdan lillah. I'll blog about it in a separate post when I've the time too. I've to go for now. Body is aching like nobody's business. Padah main netball tak warm up dulu. Boohoo! Nevertheless I had a really good time yesterday. How about you? (;

Alrighty. I'm done. Salam! Have a blessed weekend insya Allah!
Ps: Because the world loves y'all eh girls? :P


  1. the one with skirt tu~ ahaaa~ keh3.. cool habis main netball pakai skirt. (^^)v

  2. Haha yess because I'm cool like that kekekeke. (Kalau coach tau harus kena lempang.) Heh heh :D

  3. i know who u r!!!! hehehe

    hopefully one day we'll met.. ;D

  4. u!!!!

  5. Hahaha we'll meet insya Allah. Someday. :D

  6. Uisy...biar benar main netball pakai skirt?? hehe...Hebat...

    after this...U can try main bowling dgn skirt pulak...hihi..

  7. Itu nama dia main tak ikut rules. Jangan dibuat kalau tak nak kena sembur dengan coach lol. Good idea, jom bowling sama-sama. I wear skirt, on? *Angkat kening* Hahaha.

  8. aha,,,kak nir..u're one with green tudung and skirt hitam...right? mmg lha...sbb tk der org laen da yg pakai skirt kat situ...

  9. Ooops sorry tak perasan your comment teehee. Yep, that's me hahahaha :P