Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where's the card reader? :P

Epic conversation ever.

Abang: *Knocking on my bedroom door* Dik, card reader mane card reader mane card reader maneeee??
Me: *Thought he asked curry mana* *Opens up the door* Omg I'm so sorry dah habes ah dah habes dah habesssss!
Abang: *Gave me the kau-dah-buang-tebiat-ye kind of look* Ape yang dabes???
Me: *Blur face* Uh, curry? I took the last chicken. Sorrrrrry!
Abang: Curry kauuuu! Abang tanya card reader mane card reader maneeeee??

Smack forehead moment please! My sister dah bantai gelak tak ingat dunia. But I swear I was like, omggg abang I'm soooo sorrrry cause I just finished the food and I thought semua orang dah makan already. Pekak ke hape =.= Oh anyways, we really talk like that. With the maneeeee panjang tujuh harakat and all. We're epic (Y) Kekeke.

Okay, tak boleh blog lama-lama. I've campak my laptop one corner already (and yet now I'm using abang's macbook, sungguh la defeat the kau-sepatutnya-on-hiatus-purpose :P)

Toodles for now. May Allah bless your week ahead! (:
Ps: But I want you to move on, so I'm already gone.

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