Monday, October 03, 2011

Girls, you're so 'one' in a million

Salam readers (:

Asked Qees out yesterday cause I needed to get something from Daiso. Initial plan was to meet after asar but we end up meeting around six plus (janji melayu, macam biasa jugak). Managed to grab a few boxes (for storage and decoration purposes yay!), cork board (for post-it notes) and finally bought a duster for my keyboard. Been wanting that since like forever. And the best thing is? Everything's sold at just two bucks. Every. Single. Thing. Like seriously :D

If I were to buy these boxes at Artbox, it would probably cost me around five to six bucks each. Ikea sells these boxes at three ninety. But the designs at Ikea & Artbox are limited. Very plain and mundane. But Daiso punya designs lawa gila kannn. I totally love the pink box. *Pengsan*

And the cork board kat popular costs four ninety okay. I did my survey. It's cheaper at Daiso. And the keyboard duster? It's quite ex if I were to order at GMarket. Plus shipping cost lagi. Baik tak payah. Therefore my point is? Pegi Daiso la! Daiso for the win! Serious bargain, especially for orang-orang perangai cheapo like me :D

And my initial plan was to mug with Im after doing my little shopping cause dah almost two weeks tak mug. Yes despite exam dah habis, told you I've another lap to go. So I still have to study. But Im wanted to have a break and lepak at Teh Tarik after maghrib. We, the netball girls, always have dinner there after trainings. But someway somehow sejak kita gantung bib, we made Teh Tarik our port to meet and catch up. Teeheee. Pari, Ha and Ficky couldn't make it so there were only Im, Qees, AZ, Nadya and myself. Otherwise mesti lagi fun. Too bad Pari, we ate the cheese fries for you already. Siapa suruh last minute kensel. Mentang-mentang~ *Sticks out tongue*

I had cheese prata yay! And milo dinosaur (I should've bought milo godzilla hahaha). Been craving for that since like forever. The last time I went Teh Tarik was few months back with Aiyu, Sak, Qees and Im. Cheese prata was sold out at that time. So yay hamdan lillah it's my rezeki (: Too bad for Im though. Chocolate prata is still unavailable. This is the second time she went there and it's sold out. Buat sendiri sudah la Im. Letak Hershey's, hehe~

I feel sixteen again every time I hang out with my girls. Seriously. Okay wait maybe not sixteen. I feel even younger than that, keke. So immature. We laugh at stupid jokes that only we understand. Sometimes we don't even have to say a word, we just have to exchange glances and we already know what we're thinking about. I feel real when I'm with them. Not that now I feel fake la but because I was stuck in the same school with them for ten years, they know me inside out already. There's nothing I can hide. I've seen ruined friendships because nobody made an effort to stay. But I'm glad we constantly arrange meet ups every now and then despite being in different institutions just to ensure we remain contactable and as close as ever. That's why I love you girls. Every single one of you. Because you know me too well. And I can't afford to lose you all. Say awwwwwh please! (':

Hahaha. Entah apa-apa entah tetiba sentimentel *Sepak muka sendiri* Hahaha. Okie dokie, it's almost seven. I've to go for now. Take care, all! Have a blessed week ahead!

Ps: Because there's no Bambinas without us, that's why.

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