Sunday, October 30, 2011

I had my chance, I blew it

And then you tried to make things right,
the only thing I did is to make it worst.
And then you gave me too many second chances,
the only thing I did is to give it up.
And when you finally decide to leave...
the only thing I did is to watch you walk away.

I won't break the same heart twice, and so I've promised.
But it seems like I've broken your heart too many times before.
I won't ask you to stay because I was the one who let go.
I won't beg. I won't plead. I won't say a word.
You've had enough.

My tears won't matter because I had the upper hand.
I could make it all better if I want to.
But what did I do?

Oh screw you, insecurities!

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