Friday, October 21, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything~

Haloo world.

I shall declare that today is my malas day, like totally. My brain refuses to function after asar (I don't usually do my revision after asar lah tak tahu kenapa susah nak masuk) therefore I have spent two hours practically doing nothing productive (Big Bang's Tonight is currently on repeat mode) :D

I had consultation earlier on. It was supposed to be a two hour session but my tutor had to attend a meeting so it ended at 10am instead. I was supposed to have lunch with Zul at 12pm but then he was ill. So he didn't go for his consultation. And seriously the journey from home to class is like an hour?? Baru sampai takkan dah nak balik. Penat berdiri dalam bas pun belum hilang lagi nik (macam faham booo).

I was contemplating whether I should hit the library and khatamkan Nazurah Aishah's Bening Merah Jingga or should I just go home and read the book on the way home in the bus. But then I terserempak Humy and asked if she wanna eat with me at icafe. She said yes so yay ada member! Baked potato with chicken for the win! And mango madness with whipped cream. Hari-hari makan macam nik memang akan gemuk la keke :D

It's been awhile since we last met padahal kita sama CG. Consultation slot semua berteraboh. Well I guess sekarang ni last lap semua pun bangsa 'selamatkan diri sendiri'. I'm not saying we-don't-care about each other anymore lah (of course we do lah cause we still text each other randomly to check if we're still alive lol) but at this rate semua pun tengah kanchiong-gila-tahap-mega-tetra-giga dan tengah sedaya upaya sumbat everything in our pea sized brain that benda lain semua jadi tak penting (haaa la sangat)! Padahal ada orang tuh masih sempat tengok Tahajjud Cinta la Hindustan la, tsktsk :P

Anyways abang had been extra nice these days. He gave me extra allowance this month (macam kenapa abang aku tetiba bagi allowance nih?). And yesterday he bought for ibu an iPad. Okay it's not really an iPad. Cheaper version of iPad but still macam whuuut? iPad for ibu? Ibu?? Hahahaha okay I'm so tak baik. But my ibu is super canggih la. All thanks to me for introducing Facebook and Photoscape kat dia so sekarang dia dah sangkut jugak *geleng kepala*

And abang is getting me an Apple Peel! Hamdan lillah! My HTC is rosak already and I can't afford iPhone 4 *muka kesian haha* but then I have an iTouch so abang said I can actually convert it to iPhone by using Apple Peel. Taktau macammana nak explain but basically my iTouch can function as iPhone once he install Apple Peel for me. Dah boleh buat call and text segala. Yay! I'm a happy girl hehehe.

Alamak it's almost seven already. Got to go for now. I've to attend class in a bit. Toodles! May Allah bless you readers! (:

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