Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are we there yet?

Him: Jawab macam ni la, yada yada yada yada.
Me: Haaaa? Why so hard le?
Him: Bukan susah, awak just lupa.

Me: K, kalau keluar saya confirm tak buat. Then how about this one?
Him: Ambik pendekatan macam ni, yada yada yada yada.

Me: Haaaa? K, kalau keluar saya....

Him: Tak buat jugak? Dah tu awak nak buat apa???

Epic conversation I had with Mr Fuad a day before I sat for MLL paper. I texted him to ask a few questions. He called me soon after, giving thorough explanation for the questions I asked but the only respond I gave was, "Haaaaa?" And my blur sotong face. Perangai gila kan kan kan.

If Mr Fuad was in front of me, I can bet he's shaking his head and picit kepala sebab pening layan karenah student dia yang sorang nik. Teeerima kasih la sangat for layan-ing my last minute panic attack! :D Hamdan lillah. MLL was fine. Though I strongly dislike BLMP text, that essay question on adat perpatih saved my life actually (:

Anyways. Salam readers! It's been awhile since I last blogged eh and seriously, I can never go on hiatus for long. It's only the second week of exams and yet here I am, melangut depan laptop as though dah merdeka. Perangai gila kan kan kan :D

Well hamdan lillah, so far seven papers down, three more to go. I can't thank Him enough for everything. Honestly speaking the journey so far wasn't a breeze. Today's paper was especially tough. I crapped my way through. Okay, crap isn't the appropriate word. I did study. But I planned to do something and I ended up doing something else instead. I studied hydro macam nak mamps but I end up doing atmo paham tak?? Haish. Tak faham takpe, chet.

But nevermind, whatever the outcome is, I'm not regretting cause I've already tried. I gave my best shot and I shall leave out all the rest for Him to decide. Even if I don't get the grades that I want, I know everything happens for a reason. The most important thing is to be contented. Ahh, results will be out March/April next year anyways so I shall not dwell on it right now teehee :D

Oh yes. I'm fetching my youngest sister from school tomorrow cause ibu is away on course and so alang-alang dah keluar, might as well I fetch my other sister as well. They're getting their report books tomorrow so I've promised to belanja them if they get good results.

I'm not too worried about Mai though because I already know her result roughly. She got 8As and 3Bs. It's way too good for me already la and yet she's complaining she could've got straight As yada yada yada. Hahaha. I'm proud of you la Mai. You're so smart (; I just don't know how Syirah fared. Dektu playful sikit. Entah macammana entah result dia. Hopefully you prove me wrong la, sis. Heh.

And I'm dating Kak Ika Madera on Saturday yay! We couldn't make it for the JS high tea so we decided to have our own private party. Excited much! :D But I can't help but to be super jeles la Pingu gets to eat Imaen's garlic bread, haish! I want it too. But not my rezeki I guess. Maybe next time. Can't wait for December! KL here we come wheeee~

Okay this blog entry is super long or what hahah. Balas dendam dua minggu tak update :D I'm a happy girl tonight seriously and I don't know why. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah, all praises to Allah~

Alright I'm done. Toodles for now. Have a blessed weekend ahead yah!


  1. ((: I could have gotten straight As!

  2. My results were not bad ! Proud of kak mai je ? UNFAIR! [jk jk]

  3. Hahaha omg you girls stalker or what? Sibuk read my blog :P

    Yes, I'm proud of both of you of course ♥ You proved me wrong, Syirah. You did improve (Y)

    Ps: Halooo kalau orang tak 'proud', why would I let you all 'ketuk' me like nobody's business last Friday? :P


    Thanks for the yummy delicious and scrumptious cheesy bake rice and cheese fries (:

    How about another treat next thursday ? ^^

  5. Kite tak ketuk . Kite mintak baik baik :P
    Kak nir je yang ter-over baik last friday .

  6. Amboiiii ingat orang cap duit ke nak belanja korang every week? Pigidah. Hahahaha. :P