Saturday, November 19, 2011

Because Netball dan Nir are lovers for life ♥

WA - Nir, C - Nad, GA - Im, GK - Qeeyo,
GS - Ayie, WD - AZ and GD - Asy.

I miss those days. The court. The ball.
The runs. The ballwork. The steppings.
The punishments. The screamings. The tears. The sweat.
The smiles. The laughter. The jokes.
I miss every single thing about us :')

Picture taken in 2008.
Jangan tertipu dengan gambar itew.
I've grown fatter over the years hahahaha.

Separuh Putih Seniors, bila mau buat come back?
Kita trash itu juniors loh.
Aku sudah gian sama itu bola~

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