Friday, November 18, 2011

Distance don't matter, you're always near ♥

It's one in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Just sharing some epic conversations I had with my fellow JS-ians:-

We crap talk most of the time seriously. Especially when there's Pingu (Teja), Ahmd and Iqbal. Hands down la. Heh! I super love my JS peeps to bits can? They never fail to make me smile or gelak guling-guling like a boss. Hahaha.

December please come fast! Can't wait ♥


  1. Come to malaysia this coming december eh..?
    Bowling jom! with ur black skirt tuh.. hehe..

    Bitaufiq wannajah fi imtihan..
    Faiza azamta fatawakkal 'alallah...

  2. Yuppy yup I'm coming to KL this December yay! Hahaha. Bowling? With skirt? Hahaha takpe lah, sungguh takmau. Karang tersungkur jatuh sangat unglam ye. :P

    Syukran jazilan, ukth! (: