Sunday, November 06, 2011

Salam Aidiladha!

Salam dearies.

I had been getting nightmares lately. For the past two consecutive nights, I dreamt of my tutor, Mr Yip. Gila! Tapi nasib Mr Yip handsome ah kekeke. Dah lah tuh, terserempak dia twice pulak kat Causeway Point tadi, cis! He was wearing a mickey mouse tee and his ears were stuffed with earpiece. He doesn't look thirty three and he doesn't look like he's a HOD lah please! Omg stop it Nir, apahal spazz over tutor sendiri nik. *Sepak muka* Ada orang dah chope Mr Yip la. Kekeke. *Winks at Humy :P*

Anyways. I used to have nightmares after sitting for my papers but this time round, I'm getting pre-exams nightmares! Gosh. Can't imagine after sitting for the exams nanti apa jadi. Mesti non stop hits mengigau punya :(

I remembered after sitting for my Os years ago, I had nightmares almost every single night. Macam deja vu, every night I sit for geography paper because I totally screwed up my geography paper, can't remember exactly what happened. Think I didn't do one question (which is around 10 marks I think) because tak perasan and I only noticed the question when the invigilators said pens' down. I end up thinking about it every single day. =.= Boleh jadi gila tahu tak.

It's not as though I slept tak basuh kaki and tak baca doa ke apa. I was just freaking nervous, I guess. I only stopped having nightmares when I started working at MJ. I was so tired that I fell asleep almost immediately once I hit the bed. Booo!

Okay whatever. That's not the point. The point is, FINAL EXAM IS APPROACHING IN JUST LIKE, THREE DAYS \O/

And therefore, I would like to mintak doa *muka tak malu* from all of you, to pray for me and my friends semoga dapat sit for our final exams dengan tenang and dapat lulus dengan cemerlang and pursue our studies in the areas we want to ameen insya Allah!

Oh and yes, selamat menyambut hari raya Aidiladha by the way. Have a blessed day ahead! (:

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