Monday, November 21, 2011

A Saturday affair

I'm actually half awake but someone insisted I should blog tonight so here I am, typing this entry just because of you. *Sila terharu okey*

So it was a bright Saturday afternoon (chey). I had a date with Ika Madera at Chinatown at 12pm. The journey from my house to Chinatown is about plus minus forty five minute or so. I dah siap dah nak keluar around 11am when I heard something fishy coming from the front gate. And so...I looked through the peep hole but I saw nothing. I was like, "Apa benda seh tuh?" But I assumed it was nothing so I went inside to get my shoes from the shoe rack when I heard something fishy coming from the front gate again. And so...I looked through the peep hole and I was like oh my gosh macammana gate boleh terbukak??

(Kalau dalam cerita seram kan selalu orang tak bukak pintu pasal mana tau ada orang jahat ke apa hahahaha) But me, being the clumy me, secara reflex I opened the door and to my astonishment I saw a freaking cat! It's huge ok! It's gumok with brown and white stripes. And so....I screamed. Can't help it what. Terperanjat gila peh bila nampak kucing kat depan rumah. The cat was shocked. But! It didn't run away! Faham tak?! It just moved a bit and bertenggek kat tepi tingkap and I was like oh my gosh macammana aku nak keluar rumah ni?? So that's obstacle number one. (Ya I managed to get out of the house eventually don't ask me how apparently I just dashed towards the lift hahaha)

And so I took the MRT all the way to Chinatown. (Well that was the initial plan) But as my train was approaching City Hall, kak Ika texted, asking me to alight at the next stop because Chinatown tutup! Laa. So okey, I alighted at City Hall and waited near the platform untuk arahan yang seterusnya. Kak Ika tanya, nak pegi Marina Square or (I forgot what's the other option) and so I chose Marina Square la pasal the other place sumpah tak tau macammana nak pergi and Marina Square is at City Hall so boleh pandai-pandai la carik.

And so...I walked and walked and walked. Trying to find my way to Marina Square. Please take note that City Hall is a central area. Ada banyak gila mall kat area tuh and Marina Square is one of them. So I'm actually not sure so main lagau je la jalan. The last time I went there was with....*let's not reminisce the days* so yeah, akhirnya sampai juga daku di Marina Square! *Tarik nafas lega*

Kak Ika then texted me saying she's already at Swensen's. Swensen's is at the first floor, dekat corner. And I was like, mak aih cepatnya dekni sampai ingatkan tadi masih kat Chinatown (rupa-rupanya dia naik cab, patut la cepat ciss) so I said kejap, I nak cari atm first. Cause I'm buying books from kak Ika and I didn't bring enough cash.

Jalan punya jalan, tereye contact dengan this pretty lady. She smiled at me so I smiled back and then she approached me to give a brochure and then I realised, oh no minah jual barang la! I politely took the brochure from her hand when she asked if I want to see the products she sells, I said, "It's okay, I'm in a rush."

Dah nak blah already tau when she suddenly asked, "Where are you from?" I was stopped in my tracks ah and I gave her a puzzled look. "Singapore." I mean, duhh kan? And then she asked, "Oh, because your head dress looks different." (Dah start dia punya bodek and someway somehow I followed her to the booth) And then she started showing me all her products and I was like, alamak I'm really in a rush ni so I said, "Sorry, I really have to go now." And then she said, "It's okay hold on for awhile see our products yada yada yada yada." Kesian punya pasal, I waited. And waited. And waited. Tapi dia tak habis-habis cakap nih. I was like, bila dia nak habis membebel nih???

And then I asked the price, she said its *letak harga disini* and I was like, gila mahal nak mati. So I politely turned down the offer and said, "I'm sorry my friend is waiting." Lepastuh salesgirl ni tetap tak bagi orang blah ni. Dia kata, "Okay hold on I give you student discount 30% off. How about that?" Fikir balik, 30% off ni pun mahal jugak la actually. And then I said, "No, no. It's okay. I'm sorry. I really really really got to go now." (Kak Ika called me twice already by then haha). And then the sales girl masih tak nak give up jugak, she said, "Okay I give you free gift. This product actually cost yada yada yada yada yada." And as you all know (or maybe you don't so now you know) how Singaporeans are sucker for free gifts (bargain jugak la actually), I finally said, "Okay I'll take your product."

And so she brought me to the counter and so I paid. Dah bayar dah pun, nak blah ni, tapi beg plastik dia tak bagi. Sales girl tuh continue promote dia peh other products and by that time I was actually already pisssed, orang dah beli barang kau apa lagi kau nak?? Nak beli satu kedai kepe?? Hahaha. I texted kak Ika asking me to save my life lol and so when kak Ika called, I told them, "Sorry my friend had been waiting for so long I really got to go now" and finally finally finally, I MANAGED TO BLAH. YESSAAAAAAAAAAAA.

And then I continued walking. By then, dah tak kuasa dah nak cari atm. Perut yang kosong harus diisi dahulu. Jalan punya jalan, sampai kat this simpang whereby ada empat lorong untuk masuk. I was like, lorong mana satu nih nak masuk???? I called kak Ika to ask for directions but the only thing she did is to laugh (tak membantu langsung :P) so I walked and walked and walked and I ended up masuk empat-empat lorong.

Apparently the last lorong I masuk was the correct one - except that I was at the wrong floor. Faham tak??? I could see Swensen's kat below me but I have no idea how to get down. And so for the umpteenth time I called kak Ika, "Kak Ikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa escalator manaaaa??" She laughed again (seriously tak baik, tak membantu langsung hahahaha :P) and told me to go find Carl's Junior. So I walked pusing entah sampai mana entah and I finally finally finally, I MANAGED TO FIND THE ESCALATOR. YESSAAAAAAAAAA.

Sampai Swensen's, tengok kak Ika tengah rilek one corner makan connie Dog dengan fries ketawakan orang. Hahaha. Belek-belek menu, I end up buying the same thing again. The one and only thing I order when I come to Swensen's - Mac and Cheese. Kak Ika ketawa lagi. "Dah agak dah you're gonna order that." Hahaha am I THAT predictable? :P Cis. Kak Ika ni takde modal, ketawakan orang je memanjang. *Geleng kepala*

And then we talked and talked and talked. Food pun sampai. (Take note, waitress slow gila padahal that place was empty haha). Mac and Cheese dia perghhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheesey gila and super naise boleh pengsan. (Orang offer kak Ika, dia tak nak, so takpe dia rugi hahaha). And then we talked and talked and talked. Ice cream pun sampai. Makan lagi. Cakap lagi. Ketawa lagi. Makan lagi. Hahahahaha.

Well to be honest I was 'nervous' (Hahahah nervous???) before our 'date' (Date? I wonder kalau betul punya date nanti macammana hahahahahahahaha) because I don't know if I can click with her since she's older than me and she claims she is pendiam (I am too actually haha) but apparently dia bebual macam bullet train (pendiam laaa sangat :P) and actually eh, our wavelength tak jauh sangat la kut. Boleh click :D

So our date ended when we parted at the MRT station. Kak Ika nak naik bus while I'm taking the train. I shall not explain how we (kak Ika je yang tanya, orang cuma tag kat belakang je lol) had to tanya people where in the world is the MRT station and how we look like idiots looking at each and every signboard looking for direction pegi toilet la ATM la hahahaha.

Okey seriously entry ni panjang gilaaaaa kan? Hahaha. Sesiapa yang baca sampai last paragraph ni, bermakna awak memang seriously takde keje lain yang lebih berfaedah nak buat sampaikan sanggup baca blog entry yang setakat nak explain apa jadi last Saturday :D

Thanks for reading though. Teeeheeeee. It's almost 2 in the morning already and I'm getting sleepy. Goodnight for now then. May Allah bless all of you, ameen!


  1. KHATAMED YOUR ENTRY and I memang takde keje heh!

  2. Thanks for giving me something to read. HAHAHAH !

  3. Gelak la gelak lagi! You pun dua kali lima sesat. Hahahahaha.