Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You're always there, you're everywhere

I'm afraid if I wait till Thursday, I won't have the time to blog and you might not have the time to read so here goes an entry specially for you.

Dear you, you're going off this Friday and you won't get to hear me scream like nobody's business on the 29th when I actually end my finals. I'm going to miss our late night chats sampai dua tiga pagi and your excited voice when you call me once in awhile to check if things are okay. I'm going to miss your advices and your dirty little secrets and I'm going to miss ranting and confiding in you. I'm going to miss telling you about my day, laughing at stupid jokes, spazzing about some random actors or singers and gossipping with you. I'm going to miss every. single. thing. about you. :'(

So please take care wherever you are. Have fun there with your loved ones. Go enjoy yourself and chillax. Dump your laptop at home and don't think about work okie dokie? See you when I see you then! (:

Lots and lots and lots and lots of love,
Plus big hugs and warm kisses,
Yours truly,


Ps: And I know I will miss you, big time :(

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