Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cause naega jeil jal naga.

Life's a bliss these days ♥

Saturday: Hit the library, pre-merdeka and pre-Maal Hijrah reflection session with Humy at Century Square's Food Culture while munching on cheese fries and yong tau foo :D

Sunday: Girls day out with BFFs Qeeyo and Ha. Off we go to Orchard! Movie, spazzing over Edward Cullen, indulging in good food (Wendy's cheese baked potato is superb!), shopped for prom dress, cardigan, belt, heels and outfit for job interview.

Monday: Mugging with Im and Hady at McCafe after asar until almost eleven o'clock. Officially declare that THAT would be my last mugging session ever (for now, until next September, at least)

Tuesday: I am the definition of freedom, happiness and whatever that's in between after the invigilator said pens' down. Walked around the campus area alone afterwards, snapping photos dekat setiap corner, even the tempat solat. That would probably be the last time I jejak there (for now at least). Spazzing like a true fangirl in front of the tv because of Mnet Asian Music Awards in the evening. Suju and Beast made my day!(:

Wednesday: Girls day out part two with Humy, Phyd and Qai. Had our dinner at Eighteen Chef's. The spicy garlic cheese baked rice is forever faved. And then off we go to Bugis! Bought accessories for prom. A ring, clutch, headband and clothes (I seriously need to revamp my wardrobe because the last time I really shopped was probably a year or two years ago and my sisters and mum had been wearing my shirts, cardigans, blouses and dresses leaving me with nothing to wear =.=)

Planning to~

Thursday: Spring cleaning. Notes to campak inside a kotak and simpan dalam store room. Rearrange furniture in the room.

Friday: Girls day out part three with my sister. Need to get tudung for prom. Don't know if I'm wearing pashmina or normal tudung. And my sister needs to get new shirts for her badminton training cause apparently she can no longer wear mine (okay tipu, she can la but it would be a little bit tight for her =.=") And oh yes relief teaching from 7pm-10pm at night.

Saturday: Relief teaching from 8am to 2pm. Phyd and Humy's coming over to my place to try our get up for prom night. Excitables or what. We should do our own photoshoot seriously, hahaha :D


So that's my week in a summary. I'm so excited for prom night I don't know why. Bak kata Humy, prom is like sekali seumur hidup kind of event in your life. Yeah this is my first prom, after like so many years of living lol (padahal this is Humy's second and yet dia bebual macam paham :P)

I'm a happy happy happy girl, hamdan lillah. Never been better. I hope tomorrow will be a good day too, ameen insya Allah!


  1. Hey! Where got not fit? :( Your baju sume lawa-lawa takkan nak pakai buat badminton training!

  2. Nirrr!! Wendy's cheese baked potato memang sangat superb! tehehee~

  3. Mai: Lawa la sangat =.= My plain long sleeved shirts all you cannot wear what. Booo.

    Lila Vee: I know righttttttttt! Alamak craving for it already *sepak muka sendiri* lol!