Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cause they're my girlfriends for life ♥

Chalet at Costa Sands. Barbecue. Chicken. Cheese hotdogs. Midnight movie. New Year's Eve. Zac Efron (First gasp). Ashton Kutcher (Second gasp). DVD marathon (Though we almost doze off halfway through Toys Story 3). Untangled. Mantra. Harry Potter. Youtube-ing. Mat Lutfil. Megan Nicole. Maddi Jane. Cycling by the beach. Two seater (since I can't cycle) Games. Monopoly Deal (Though I keep losing). Truth or dare. Crushes. Love story. Midnight bowling. Late supper at Macs. Reminiscing the old Ipoh Lane days. Fights. Conflicts. Ghost stories. Sweet memories. Lauging. Smiling. Doing practically nothing besides talking.

Twelve years of friendship, and I'm still counting. Uhibbukunna abadan abada fillah ♥

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