Thursday, December 29, 2011

For I am my sisters' keeper

I realised that whenever I'm home, I spend most of the time online instead of interacting with my family members. Well truthfully I'm the kind yang akan terperap dalam bilik sehari suntuk dan keluar hanya untuk makan because I don't watch TV so I don't need the living room and I don't play games so I don't need the Xbox.

But now that I'm done with school and at the moment I'm unemployed, abang and ibu's working now (ibu used to be a housewife but ever since ayah passed away, she went back to work) thus I'm in charge of the girls and I can't possibly isolate myself dalam bilik sepanjang hari kan?

So I decided to bring them out and pamper them a bit last Tuesday. Well just to chill and lepak so off we went to the Cinemas! Since we're in the malas-nak-pikir kind of mood, we chose to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 3. And the movie's good! Okay, a little bit tak masuk akal here and there but just for entertainment's sake, it was a good laugh! The Chipettes are so cute ^^

Headed to Swensen's for lunch cause I was craving for Mac & Cheese (perangai budak gemuk) and since I just received my last pay check that morning for my previous teaching job, I thought, hey why not :D It was our rezeki I guess cause we dined in during the lunch hour and they gave us free ice creams! I had Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundae. Oh, I've been eating unhealthy food these days, I know. But I'll start dieting next week once I start working I promise hahahaha.

Did a little bit of shopping too cause I'mma need more formal clothes for work and the girls need stuff for school. And yes wow, next week dah bukak sekolah! Time flies. Sekejap je dah 2012. Though the fact that next week bukak sekolah doesn't really affect me la since, hello, I'm not a student anymore hahaha.

But then again, I still can't believe that I'm starting 2012 as an intern. Teaching Malay in East Spring Secondary School. Whoah. It's gonna be a tough journey, I know. Tapi sampai bila nak stay dalam comfort zone kan? Someday, I need to get out of my shell. And probably the 'someday' is now eh? (:

Ibda' bil bismillah, Nir. Insya Allah, kheir!

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