Monday, December 12, 2011

I think bout you all the time

It's like five thirty in the morning and no, I didn't just wake up but I've yet to sleep! Been doing this for the past few days, staying up the entire night to finish up my manuscript. I'm almost done, hamdan lillah. But this is just a short story. Meaning to say, it won't be published so soon lah cause I will have to collaborate with two other writers. And, it's not confirmed that this manuscript will be accepted anyway since the panel of editors will have to see the strength of the story and all that. So yeah. Shall just pray for the best, teehee :D

I've made a promise to reward myself once I'm done and over with this manuscript before I start with the full one. The full one would probably be a pain since I've to start from scratch and it will require much much more time and effort to complete. So I'm going to indulge myself in good books and watch a few movies or dramas before I start.

My target is to complete this manuscript by Wednesday morning. So that I can spend the entire day reading. So here's my to-read list:

1. The Golden Prince: Rebecca Dean
2. Nuansa Kota Merah: Khairyn Osman
3. Mini Shopaholic: Sophie Kinsella
4. Tautan Hati: Fatimah Syarha
5. Nurul Laila Suria: Fatihah Pauzihal

And my to-watch list includes City Hunter, Sekali Lagi & Click. Well actually I tend to just watch whatever I feel like watching depending on my mood. Been watching some gangster-ish movie the past few days (Yeah apparently I just watched KL Gangster) and I find myself talking like a minah with the dok and all. The "Tu dua lori kau dah sampai" joke never failed to make me go LOL. I end up grinning to myself everytime I think about it *sepak muka sendiri*

Oh well, toodles for now. It's a beautiful Monday morning and may we all have a blessed week ahead yeah! (:


  1. semoga semua berjalan dengan lancar..sumber inspirasi kena ada kan? :D
    btw, rindu akak lahhh =)

  2. the only one i've read in that list is tautan hati. and it was superb! shouldnt have left it at home ;(

  3. I have yet to read hahahaha. Alah once you balik Malaysia, you have all the time you need to read while waiting to decide nak sambung belajar or nak keje terus :P