Saturday, December 31, 2011

A-Z in 2011

Beware: Long post.
A long list of my A to Z in year 2011.

As. Well of course, what's 2011 without the big As, eh? It was really a...gosh I can't even find a word to describe the journey! I had my ups and (mostly) downs. Truthfully halfway through, I even had the thought of giving up. It was bloody exhausting and satu-satu pun start buat perangai emo, moody, depressed, jatuh sakit yada yada yada. Well what to do, 42A kan all girls (except for one china and one indian man yang tersesat). Apa lagi, semua pun mood swing like a boss lah. But seriously I'm thankful to have you girls by my side. Humy, Phyd, Shikin, Qai, Ain, Adi Ashburn & Shabibi. Thanks for everything , lovelies! Meet up soon yeap! Need to tuntut Mr Fuad our free food asap! ♥

BFFs. Since our secondary school days, there's always Echa, Nadia, Nina, Mimi, Leyda, Ficky, Ha, Qeeyo and myself. Up until now, our bond is still as strong as ever. Hamdan lillah. I still remember the day you all surprised me at the airport. I was mugging with Nadia (yang tiba-tiba dengan rela hati nak join aku mug padahal selama ni aku ajak dia, tak pernahnya nak ikut :P) when I heard voices singing Happy Birthday. I was like, "Eh, ada orang punya birthday jugak ke?" But then secara tiba-tiba korang semua muncul depan mata :O Yes I was indeed really tired and I looked terribly sick. But you all made my day, with the muffins and big birthday balloon and lunch at F.I.S.H. Ahh. Uhibbukunna fillah. Abadan abada ♥

CHALET with Bambinas. We do this annually ever since we were in Secondary Two. Except for one year but I can't remember exactly which year. Anyways. We almost almost almost didn't do it cause everyone's busy with projects and all that. But last minute we managed to book a chalet, all thanks to Ficks sebab tolong sponsorkan dulu. Was a little sad though cause as years go by, makin sikit orang datang. We graduated from Maarif as a batch of thirty eight girls and apparently less than twenty five turned up, boohoo. I understand they have other commitments and some were overseas for their course trip. And for that I thank those who came down and made the effort to tolak tepi segala benda just to attend this event. I had a blast! (:

DEBATE. I'm most involved in debate this year, though actually I'm not a participant! Like seriously. Well during Perkampungan Bahas 2011, I'm involved as a volunteer, helping out with the logistics. Was asked to write an article for Diari Bahas and was invited as a speaker in a forum with my (ex) Bahas 2010 teammate, Arif, 2 Malaysians and 2 other Bruneians. (Wah just typing about it I get so hyped already lol!) And then I volunteered as a facilitator for Bengkel Bahas in secondary schools and I mentored Evergreen Secondary School for Piala Bahas Berita Harian with Zul. So many things happened during these events, I admit. I made a lot of new friends. And I really mean a lot! Subhanallah. I have to admit that Bahas is definitely one of the highlights for year 2011 teeheee.

EDUSAVE Merit Award. I'm really thankful cause I didn't see it coming. Honestly I think my grades were terrible. Maybe because I aimed for the stars but I got the clouds instead haha. But hamdan lillah, I was listed as one of the top 25% in the cohort, both in year 1 and year 2. And for that, I thank You. Allahuakhbar!

FANGIRL. This year is probably the worst fangirling year ever, haha. My last paper was right before MAMA's show. So guess what? I spend the entire day screaming depan TV macam tak sayang anak tekak just because I feel like screaming sebab I'm over and done with finals tapi takkan nak jerit tak tentu pasal so I scream while watching MAMA and ibu went, "Dah gila ke?!"

GRADUATION. I wasn't expecting to cry cause macam eh, baru semalam aku kat orientation camp tup-tup eh dah graduate? But I teared badly when Shikin started to cry and hugged Ms Wong lepastu JF mula nangis lepastu Humy lepastu Adi Ashburn Shabibi Phyd and then semua pun mula berjangkit. True, I don't think I'm gonna miss the campus. But I swear I'm gonna miss my companions, big time. In fact, I already do :(

HARRY POTTER and The Deathly Hallows. I grew up watching Harry Potter. And the final installment was out in July 2011. The end of Harry Potter marked the end of my childhood, eh I guess? Boohoo. Well, I had a good time with my bahas peeps on this day. We've got to wait for budak UM to come back during hols before we can have a complete outing again eh girls?(; Can't wait for Kak Falah's wedding next week. Reunion time! Keke.

INTERNSHIP. I really think I screwed up the interview. I felt so out of place, especially cause I was grouped with the RI scholars. Diorang bebual ada accent okey. And I feel so ordinary. As though I have nothing to offer and MOE won't be interested to choose me as an intern. But hamdan lillah, I got the job. Betul kata kak Ika. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I owe you a banana split, sis! :D

JEMARI SENI. I had always always love novels produced by this company. I don't have to look at the novelist names, just a look at the logo and the book will definitely be in my to-read list. It started with Syud's Tentang Dhiya and then I found Hlovate, Pingu Toha, Nazurah Aishah and the list goes on and on. And somehow I had this dream to be a member of the JS family. And in August 2011, I'm officially a proud member of JS! Ikhlas A.K! was born. Hamdan lillah! No words can be used to express my feelings actually teehee ♥

KKS. Cause there's no life in IJ without you peeps; Humy, Phyd, Hyrah, Waly, Zul and Farhan. Though we're all in different CG, taking different combi, different levels, kita tetap kawan selamanya okey? I went to Eighteen Chefs the other day and guess what? The Geng KKS logo was still on the wall! We have yet to celebrate Hyrah and Humy's wayyyyyy belated birthday asap! Once we all get our pay and before the guys kena pergi Tekong, let's hit USS, alright? ♥

LOVE. Love is a messy affair. Hahahahahahahahaha. I still remember the kecoh-ness on my tagboard that time when I posted about 'my love life', korang epic gile I swear :P In 2011, I've learnt how a heart break feels like. I've learnt about betrayal. I've learnt about faithful. And I've learnt about trust. I know, I know. Whatever it is, hati kita Dia yang pegang kan? Allahu hafiz, wherever you are(:

MUGGING. Whoa, this year's mugging memang all over Singapore seriously. I used to mug at the cafe near my house. But this year, I stayed back kat campus's library sampai 9pm sambil sneakily munch on cookies :P I also went to Tampines Interchange's Macs, The Garden and Food Culture. I went to Tampines Library and Woodlands Library. I went to Republic Polytechnic. I even went to Humy's house just to mug! It was really bad cause I couldn't stay focus. But it was one kind of an experience, really!

NENEK. It was less than a year since ayah passed away, and then his mother followed suit. It was a really bad blow for atuk, losing his wife and his son within just eight months. Ibu was in a state of shock for a couple of days before the news finally sank in. Tapi kita tahu, Dia takkan bebankan kita dengan sesuatu yang tak mampu kita pikul kan? Dan pastinya semua yang terjadi akan ada hikmah. Truthfully their passing had only made us stronger. It knitted our family closer, hamdan lillah (':

OMNOMNOMNOM. This year, I've been eating a lot of good food. Sungguh ni tak tipu. I've been to Eighteen Chefs for I don't know how many times. And then Swensens, F.I.S.H, Popeyes, New York Chicken, Seoul Garden, Wendy's, Domino, Sarpino, Canadian and Pizza Hut. And in Malaysia I went to Nando's, Auntie Annes', Subway, Starbucks, Cinnabon, Kenny Rogers, Macs, KFC and I don't know what else I stuffed in my stomach. Memang dasar PBG! Boohoo!

PROM NIGHT. I look forward to prom even before finals started. Perangai kan. Right after finals we all went to look for our dresses, shoes and all that. It was really fun! Especially because my table semua (well, mostly) tudung girls. So we don't really look awkward. Lepastuh camwhore and jalan-jalan around Clarke Quay barefooted like a boss with KKS. Good times, I swear.

QIYAMULAIL and RAMADHAN. This year was probably the most meaningful Ramadhan I ever had. Despite being very very very very busy with studies, I tried my very best not to miss tarawih. Even if I can't perform tarawih secara jemaah, I will stay up after revisions to do it. Padahal selama ni I'm the kind yang akan prioritize studies instead of tarawih. By the time I finished my revision, I'd be so tired that I'd fall asleep in no time :( But Alhamdulillah, Dia gerakkan hati Nir untuk berubah. Especially during the last ten days of Ramadhan, me and my friends went to An-Nahdhah to attend qiyamulail led by Ust T.M Fouzy. Wallahi those were the bestest night, ever ♥

SWING TEAM. Being a member of the swing team was probably one of the most memorable experience ever. Well this year I'm supposed to be part of the organizers and not the participant. Supposedly! But someway somehow few days before Perkampungan Bahas, a team tarik diri so me and my friends were asked to be a member of the Swing Team. Imagine, given only an hour or so to prepare for a debate motion. Kalau satu round takpe, ni sampai empat rounds dalam masa dua hari. Pergh. Memang gila. Despite our main-buih-dan-hembus celahan and putar-belit-satu-alam hujahan, we actually qualified to go to the quarters but sadly we can't proceed sebab kita kan dummy team je. It was really fun! Macam cakap petah spontan gitu. Bebual tak refer card. Langsung tak hafal. Create hujah dari thin air. Contoh main buih dan elaborate sendiri.
"Kalau kau nak buih, kau mesti confident." - Arif
I will remember this line sampai bila-bila hahahahaha. Patutlah menang pembahas terbaik during finals kan? :P

TEACHING at Andalus. I was supposed to relief teach for only one night because an ustazah couldn't make it and they asked me to help since I lived nearby. But then I was asked to teach the class every week. Mula-mula contemplate jugak. Takut busy and I can't commit. But then, kesian kat budak-budak ni tak ada orang nak ajar sebab waktu tu Andalus kekurangan staff. So I took the offer and taught on Friday nights. Alhamdulillah! Sesungguhnya I can't express how happy I was to see my students read the Quraan dengan lancar after six months when actually when I started teaching, they were still reading the Iqra'. It was a joint effort definitely. I have to credit the students for trying their best. And I have to thank Him sebab permudahkan urusan kami. Alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

UNWANTED. If you know me in real life you would probably understand what I mean. After almost six years, I've moved on. And I've opened up a new chapter in life. You might think it was an easy decision for me but heck, it was not! (So drama, Nir~) I miss the 'old life' but hey, actually life's not half bad now :P Keke.

VACATION. Went down to KL twice this year. Once was in May for KLIBF '11 in which I spazz like a true fangirl in front of Kak Syud and Kak Ika Madera. Thinking about it again, memang memalukan sungguh! Tsk. And then another trip was in December to attend an event organized by JS. I think I'm going to turun KL more often next year, especially for KLIBF '12. In fact, I've plans already, kekeke :P

WHEN YOU'RE GONE. Truthfully, despite all this hoo-haas about missing you and all that, I've long accepted the fact that you've passed and there's nothing I could do about it. True, I have regrets. I mean, who doesn't. We'll only miss the water when the well runs dry, eh? And I know the only thing I can do now is to pray for you. And in order to do so, I've to ensure that I'm a good muslimah myself. Because doa anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah pasti akan diterimaNya. And if I'm not solehah enough, how do I help ayah then? I know, I'm not good enough. But I'm trying to. And I promise I will continue to try. I'm on my way there ayah, insya Allah. Pray for me.

XOXO. I found the love of my life in February this year; my Asus Netbook! I bought it using my bursary award for three fifty bucks. Sayang gila netbook ni okey. It's my first. It's white, small and cute. It's so light I can actually take it everywhere I go! Hehehe.

YEAR 2011 in a nutshell was absolutelyfreakingawesomebeyondwordscansay. And I hope year 2012 will be just as good, if not better. May He bless us all, insya Allah.


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