Monday, February 13, 2012

Innova: Ad astra, we'll touch the stars!

Me: Saya nak turun IJ Jumaat ni dengan kawan-kawan yang lain.
Him: Okey. Kejap saya check schedule. *Pauses for a moment* Saya boleh bagi slot J1 saya untuk awak. Pukul 9 pagi. Boleh?
Me: Huh? Cikgu, saya datang IJ pasal nak makan kat iCafe lah.
Him: Oh? Bukan nak promote buku awak ke? *Laughs*
Me: Cikgu perli saya ke apa nik???

Epic conversation I had with Mr Fuad this morning. He had been calling me every now and then to check my condition, yeah he knew I was hospitalized cause it was all over Facebook. So I told him about my plans this Friday. I've been wanting to come back to IJ since like eons ago but apparently I've no time to. Since I'm on leave right now, I might as well utilize it fully. Tapi itulah. Dia boleh perli pulak, cheh! Kuassam sungguh. Tsktsk!

An hour after Mr Fuad's call, Mdm Tetty texted. Asking if I could come down and conduct a debate workshop cum sharing session with the J1 MLEP 2012/2013 IJ batch in April. I was ecstatic, of course. Sadly my partner in crime won't be around during that point of time as he would have already reported for NS by then. Nevermind, I shall ask my other bahas bros for help. (That can wait though, I have other tasks to complete first teehehe.)

Soon after that, it was Mr Daniel Yip's turn to text and ask if I'm recuperating well. I literally jaw drop when I saw his text cause that was super random. I swear I didn't expect a text from him. When did I last talk to him seriously? Before I sat for GP paper? Zaman bila tu? Hahahaha.

But it was really nice of him to ask about my condition. Thanks to Shabirah for being my spokesperson, since she's doing her teaching internship in IJ now. So if the tutors need any information on the 10xx series batch, they could've easily ask Shabirah :P

Told him I'm visiting IJ with Fiddy (and Zul and Waly - I doubt he knows them though) this Friday and he asked if we could all meet at iCafe and catch up :D Yay-ness! So, 950am with Mr Fuad and 1030am with Mr Yip. What, did I just book consultation slots with them? Hahahahaha. Good old, good old days eh? Back to back consultations dari pagi sampai ke petang sampai ke malam kekeke :D

Tiba-tiba rasa rindu sangat nak balik IJ. Hopefully the plan goes well. Insya Allah! Can't wait!

Ps: And we've what we learnt we'll tell the world we're reaching for the skies~

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