Monday, February 13, 2012

It's all about choice, we've got the upper hand.

Before I report back to work on the 5th of March, I'm looking forward to:-

1. Diari Bahas & Publicity Team Meeting
2. Lunch with MadJackers
3. Visit IJC
4. Sharing session at Raffles Institution
5. Halaqah Tahsin
6. Drop by netball girls' training
7. Family gathering ♥
8. Shopping
9. Date with BFFs ♥
10. Maulid at Woodlands Stadium

Realised that I need to add on a few more things
(as and when I remember):-

11. Prata meet up with babes ♥
12. Gossip girls session with Kak Ika Madera ♥
13. Celebrate February babies birthday: Qees, Im, Echa & Ficky! ♥
14. Chawanmushi date with THE girls ♥
15. KKS official outing ♥

And I really will squeeze my time for all those catch up sessions & whatever events I can attend before I start working. Life's gonna be hectic from 5th of March onwards. All the way till May.

I'm gonna be caught up with work, applications (if I pull through, ameen Insya Allah), appeals, maybe non stop hits editing and what nots. I will hardly have time for anything else. Gonna fully utilize the time I have now to do what I've got to do. I just hope I'm well enough to do it (:

It's a cold rainy Monday morning. But I'm loving it. Barakallahu feekum. Have a blessed week ahead, lovelies! ♥

Ps: But it's harder to hold on to your hands than the hands of time

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