Sunday, February 05, 2012

Kerana dia kekasih Allah ♥

It's maulid nabi day. And it's heartbreaking cause I can't attend a single majlis, given my condition right now. I'm quarantined for two weeks and I'm only allowed to go out jalan-jalan after 16th February. I even have to miss Maarif maulid tomorrow, an event I've never ever missed to attend ever since I was seven. Even after I graduated from Maarif, I will curik time just to attend this event :'(

And at this point of time, I really miss reciting 'Maula ya solli wa sallim daaiman abada, a'la habibika khairi khalqi kullihimi' maarif version. I've tried youtube-ing but I can't find any that resembles Maarif's tune. Don't ask me why but Sami Yusuf's version is a little bit depressing, haha. While Maarif's version is different. It's very happy and catchy yet at the same time very calming and soothing to me. Probably because I'm used to it for years by now kot, hahaha.

I also miss reciting 'Hasbi rabbi jalallah, ma fi qalbi ghairullah. Nur Muhammad, sollallah, laa ilaha illallah' and 'Thola 'al badru a'laina' ramai-ramai out loud, led by Zah Nasuha and Zah Samnah. Subhanallah. Just typing this makes me want to cry already :( Seems like I've to wait one more year just to do this, eh? Hais.

Anyways. When it comes to remembering Rasulullah PBUH, I love this song the best. Hijjaz's Rasulullah (besides Hijjaz's Dia Kekasih Allah, I've post the lyrics here before haha can check my archives) cause it's just so apt. Try reading the lyrics (;

Tak terjangkau tinggi pekertimu
Tidak tergambar indahnya akhlakmu
Tidak terbalas segala jasamu
Sesungguhnya engkau rasul mulia

Tabahnya hatimu menempuh dugaan
Mengajar erti kesabaran
Menjulang panji kemenangan
Terukir namamu di dalam Al-Quran

Let's make it a point not to remember Rasulullah PBUH only during Maulid, shall we? After all, there's a lot of hikmahs when we selawat for him. I stumbled upon this article while googling for the hikmahs, click here for more information!

This probably explains why when I was in my primary and secondary school days, zah Nasuha always always always reminded us to recite 'Allahumma solli a'la Muhammad, ya rabbi solli a'laihi wasallim' after we performed our Zohor & Asar jemaah prayers, on our way from the school hall back to our respective classes.

I didn't understand why back then. I thought she forced us to selawat just to shut us up, to ensure that we tak bebual and tak buat bising on the way back to class. Sekarang dah besar (sikit) barulah faham, apa yang ustazah suruh buat tu sebenarnya ada kelebihannya. Bukan saja-saja, eh? (;

Alright I'm done for now. Have a blessed week ahead, insya Allah! ♥

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