Saturday, February 04, 2012

Kita Kawan Selamanya, kan? ♥

Meet KKS, my crappiest nonsensical awesome gerek friends ever.
Screenshots taken from Humy's Samsung Tablet and my iPhone.

During our JC days, there's always Fiddy, Humy, Hyrah, Waly, Zul, Farhan and Nir. We're from different classes, different subject combinations, different streams and of course, we're all from different backgrounds and we've got different personalities.

But bahas 4PM somehow brought us together. It started with Zul, Waly, myself (and one more guy, Arif) being selected to represent our institution for a national debate competition. We had to stay back after class for discussions, come back during holidays for practice sessions and yeah, somehow we dragged our other friends to come and join us. I was close to Humy and Fiddy who're close to Farhan who happens to be Hyrah's classmate who's close to Waly who's close to Zul. Hahaha long story eh?

But that's how we got close. We all end up chilling together after those practice sessions, going to Civics Centre for late dinner and just talking during our long 168 bus rides from Woodlands all the way to Bedok and Tampines.

And even after the bahas competition ended, the seven of us still remained close. Despite being in different civics group, everytime we bumped into each other in campus we'll catch up and tegur. We had our birthday bash cum tepung sessions, raya and iftar sessions and yeah, just lepak and makan outings. Those were the good old days, eh? (:

But we never had a KKS outing ever since we graduated. Everyone's caught up doing their own things. And our schedule clash. It's really hard to fix a meet up. But then, honestly speaking being admitted to KKH was actually a blessing in disguise. Every single one of them turned up and it felt so nice to have you people around, macam reunion pulak ♥

But I can't dismiss the fact that something's wrong somewhere. Shit happens and I know you've got to flush it down yourself sometimes. And it sucked to know that there's nothing we can do to help you :(

Just know that we're always here for you, babe. If you change your mind and decide to retrace your steps and come back, we're always right here for you. Whatever happens, we still care.


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