Sunday, February 26, 2012

More than words ♥

Here's how I spent my Saturday evening:-
Had dinner at Fish and Co The Glass House, Dhoby Gaut. Accompanied by a live band, singing our all time sing-a-long favourite Hey Soul Sister by Trainwreck right before we left the restaurant.

Performed Maghrib prayers at Bencoleen Mosque before we proceed to Plaza Singapura. Couldn't find a spot to chill out so we trained to Orchard and chat the night away at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

The ice blended caramel coffee drink I had made me high, that's probably why I'm still up though it's four in the morning right now. My Saturday evening was a blast, hamdan lillah! I really had a good time with them. *Insert background lagu Baby-you-light-up-my-world-like-nobody-else!*
"Vuvuzela tu apa?"
"Vuvuzela tu yang birthday party yang benda blow-blow tu eh?"

"Kau tau buat tak?"
"Buat apa?"
"Buat bodoh? Aku baru je buat tadi."

"Bang...Assalamualaikum. Kalau tak jawab, dosa." - Han's tactic when we tried to get The Coffee Bean's waiter to help snap a photo for us. TROLOLOLOLOLOL.
Thank you Zul and Humy for entertaining us with your (pelik-bin-ajaib) stories, thank you Han & Waly for cracking endless nonsensical (sometimes lame though) jokes & thank you Fiddy for the (super beautiful) polaroid shots ♥

Too bad Hyrah couldn't make it, she's busy preparing for her backpacking trip to Seoul in a few weeks time. Otherwise the group would've been complete. Nonetheless we're sooo excited for her! Please don't forget to buy us our souvenirs eh! :P Kekeke.

Alright. Time's up. Now back to serious business. I've truckloads of deadlines to meet, research to do and meetings to plan. Life's getting busier these days, but I'm loving it actually ♥

Lail saeed everyone. Enjoy your Sunday! (:

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