Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They light up my world like nobody else ♥

Hello lovelies, salam alaikum.

I've been very busy these days chasing deadlines, preparing slides, writing speeches, conducting talks, having meetings, attending classes, shopping and of course, lepak cum catch up sessions with my loved ones.

1. Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain ♥

2. Conducted Bengkel Pengacaraan at Tanjong Katong Primary School for the primary six malay students.

3. Conducted a talk at Raffles Institution for the J1s (or they call it year 5) on creative writing.

4. Catch up session at Mad Jack, the place I used to work at as waitress.

5. Pre-results lepak session with Geng KKS!

6. New geeky specs for me, yay!

7. Seoul Garden with BFFs tomorrow! ♥
8. Results on Friday
9. Dinner with family (if my result's good, that is), abang's treat!
10. Maulid on Sunday at Woodlands Stadium

I've been feeling too happy these days and I know it's not good, especially since I'm getting back my results slip this Friday. But I should just live the moment and enjoy myself, don't you think? Worrying too much won't do any good either. I'll save my tears for Friday. As for now, I shall enjoy the bliss of ignorance, eh?

Ps: I'll leave it all to Him. For He is the best planner among all ♥

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