Monday, March 12, 2012

Ps: Si arjuna hati

It's super frustrating that when I have the time to blog, I can't seem to blog but when I don't have the time to, I have truckloads of things in mind to blog about. It happens all the time, man. Pfft. Oh anyways. March holidays is here. The good thing about being a teacher is, school holiday is your holiday too! Alhamdulllah (:

So now it's the time to drown myself in good books. I have almost twenty books waiting to be read. Down with two, I've eighteen more. It's kaksu's Biru Ungu Cinta turn tomorrow! NTS was a whirlwind of emotions, Quinn's Miranda too. Suits my melancholic mood these days, I don't even know why hehe. Penangan Adele's don't you remember & someone like you. Kot.

It's almost twelve midnight already.Toodles for now. Lail saeed everyone. Have a blessed week ahead! (:

Ps: Penatlah saya menanam padi, sayang keladi di pengat juga, penatlah saya menahan hati, di dalam hati terkenang juga.