Friday, March 16, 2012


My Friday was well spent, hamdan lillah! My sister accompanied me to Singapore Post Office to submit my university and scholarship applications. And then we trained all the way to Wisma Indah at Kembangan. Registered for Islamic Theology and Islamic Law evening classes which will commence this Tuesday. I'm getting so hyped already just thinking about it. I don't think I will be able to sit for the exam papers though at the end of the year as I might not be around in Singapore. Nonetheless, kalau tak dapat ambik exam pun tak apalah. I shall belajar untuk ilmu. Insya Allah dipermudahkan segala urusan (:

After asar prayers at Masjid Kassim, off we went to Bugis Street to do a little bit of shopping and of course, to have our late lunch cum early dinner. I had mac & cheese and cookies & cream ice blended while Mai had Spicy fish baked rice and mango lychee ice blended. PBG through and through.

We were walking around Junction 8 when we walked past the photo sticker shop. Entah kenapa tiba-tiba gatal nak ambik gambar, kekeke. Zaman secondary school selalu buat. Can't recall when was the last time I took neoprints. When I was in....secondary three kut? Anyway I super love the photos please! The quality is superb! Thumbs up!

And yes in conclusion, I do spent quite a lot today. But Alhamdulillah, I'm a happy girl today yay! Tomorrow excites me as well. Going to attend Ustaz Kazim Elias's syarahan at Al-Maarif, insya Allah. Wooweee.

Toodles for now! Barakallahu feekum! XOXO!

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