Saturday, March 03, 2012

Things to smile about ♥

1. February babies celebration with BFFs
2. Release of 'A' Level results. *Spot meeeeeee!*
3. Interview with The New Paper

Truly I was disappointed with myself. I didn't meet my targets. I bawled my eyes out and poured everything to Him yesterday. But I feel better today. Alhamdulillah. I realise, I should be contented. For He knows best, kan?

Mungkin memang dah tertulis I'm destined to take up Malay and not Geography. Mungkin memang dah bukan rezeki untuk dapat scholarship.

But I ain't losing hope. Masih ada harapan lagi. And I shall not give up! I'm pretty sure...I deserve something, somewhere, someway, somehow (:

Cause I believe He is the most just


  1. saya dah dapat buku Ikhlas tu. nice! suka baca. :) congratulations for ur result.