Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another hectic week.

Salam readers.

This week has been terribly hectic so far. I apologise for not replying some of your FB or Skype messages or for not answering your calls or for replying your whatsapp and SMSes late. It wasn't intentional, really. I'm so very sorry :(

Work ended at three thirty on Monday. I had to rush to Qeeyo's house to scan some documents for my scholarship application. Met Nadya afterwards. She accompanied me for dinner before I left for my Halaqah Tahsin class. Had a good time ketching up, kekekeke! (:

Tuesdays & Thursdays I've to attend Syariah class at Pergas after work. Class starts at six thirty and ends at nine thirty. The class is interesting so far. It feels weird studying ukhrawi in Malay though, especially cause some of the terms are Arabic words (sighah, aqad, wadiah, etc). I end up writing my notes in arabic, heh :X

My colleague watched We Got Married Suju's episode while we were having lunch in the office the other day. It's been a really really long time since I watched Korean variety shows. Well basically WGM is about blind dating lah. Apparently three of the Suju members were introduced to 3 random actresses. The boys were super nervous and embarrassed when they had to introduce themselves to the girls. Never seen that side of Suju before :P Donghae's such a heart throb. Oops! Kekeke.

Was invited for an event at Furama Riverfront Hotel on Saturday morning. It was a tribute for 4PM volunteers. The food's good (although I didn't get to try the main dish, only the finger food & dessert). Camwhore session at ze swimming pool with the babes was kekek! :D

Met kak Ika Madera after that cause we needed to exchange books, heh heh. Finally dapat Dapur Wawa, Ros Biru & Bawah Pohon Sena. Yay! Tak sabar nak baca. Initially we thought of just having dessert but we ordered pizza & baked rice too, kekeke. PBG through and through :D

Ps: Macam honoured gitu eh bila nampak nama sendiri kat dedikasi Dapur Wawa :P Kekekeke.

Rushed to Suntec City after meeting kak Ika for Safinah Talk 10: Being a person of excellence. The guest speakers were Ustaz Zahid, Ustaz Mizi, Ustazah Nazeerah and Ustaz Saifurrahman (I think).

It was really really really awesome. Each speakers ada their own strengths. Ustaz Zahid kelakar gila (kesian Fiddy jadi mangsa, I had to smack her to stop myself from laughing so hard), Ustaz Saifurrahman is the persuasive type, Ustazah Nazeerah represents wanita Melayu terakhir like that & Ustaz Mizi is really cool. Tak rugi datang walaupun badan rasa dah penat semacam :D

It's almost midnight and tomorrow's Monday. Have a blessed week ahead, readers! Ameen insya Allah.


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