Saturday, April 07, 2012

Safe and sound ♥

When I have all the time in the world to blog and I've no idea what to blog about...that's crap! :(

Well basically I'm doing good thus far, hamdan lillah. I had to relief a few classes cause one teacher was down with fever so my timetable was a little bit busier this week. I sort of had a lesson observation on Wednesday and it went well. I realised that I have the tendency to roll my eyes when students stare at me blankly when I ask them questions. I need to work on that I guess, eh? Kekeke.

And then to wrap up my Wednesday, I went to Mr Teh Tarik after maghrib for lepak session with Im, Mus, Pari and Ficky. Really had a good laugh with them. We should prolly hit Al-Azhar next time for thosai eh? PBG through and through! ((:

Thursday was hectic, school ended at 945am to give way for Sports day which was held at Tampines Stadium in the afternoon. I had to rush to National Arts Council first after work to submit some additional documents for my scholarship application. Hope it goes well, ameen insya Allah! (:

After a quick lunch and zohor prayers, I had to rush back to Tampines Stadium to attend Sports Day. I don't have a form class, so I decided to sit with my secondary 2N kids since I'm taking them for both Geography and Malay. They're a bunch of lovely boys and girls actually, though I've to admit some of them are quite naughty. I really enjoyed their company. Hais. Too bad I've to go when the time comes, eh? :(

Had dinner with my classmates after my Syariah class ended on Thursday night. They always asked me to join them for dinner but I've always declined. Class ends at 930pm and I'm usually super tired by then. But then teringat yang Friday cuti, so why not join them sekejap kan? Decided to chillax for awhile and for a moment I regretted that decision, heh! Wanna know why?

Well I've never lepak with this type of people before. They only talk about things that will bring benefit to others. It revolves around Islam and only Islam. Their jokes are very...islamic? Hahaha. I really don't know how to put this in words but I really felt awkward cause I didn't know what to say and I didn't know how to react. I end up listening and of course, I feel so enriched lol! Maybe I should mingle more often with them, I'm sure they'll benefit me heh!

Friday was beyond awesome. Met my BFFs for a movie date. Had lunch at Fish & Co and I had the best seafood baked rice ever! I swear I love the mussels and the prawn and the cheese and the sauce. Just thinking about it makes me mengidam already, aigooo! :D

The Hunger Games was not bad too! I've lowered my expectation since I've watched the Japanese version - Battle Royale and it's way too good. I really don't think THG can ever beat that standard. Nonetheless, THG has it's own strengths and I like it. Four stars perhaps? (:

Today is Saturday and I've no plans today other than reading Ros Biru Untuk Dia and to just chill. Afterall, lepak kat rumah with your beloved family is still the best kan?

I'm done for now. See you when I see you then! Toodles! ♥


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