Thursday, May 17, 2012

1234567 days and more in Malaysia ♥

Day 1:
Flight at 0900 hours. Safely reached LCCT at 1000 hours.
What I did today?
Well basically kakyah picked me up at the airport and brought me round Bangi. I had to get my toiletries (I was too lazy to bring any :P) and she needed to do some shopping (:

I super love all the baju kurungs at some of the malls, the baju kurung bunga kecik-kecik and polka dots! Too bad I didn't buy. Thought I had the luxury of time to come back and buy but I guess...takde rezeki la kut? Hmm. Next time maybe!

Day 2:
Dated my awesome girlfriends. Trained down from PWTC to the KLCC to the AMPANG PARK to the MASJID JAMEK to the MASJID INDIA to the PASAR SENI to the PUDU (sebab sesat) finally back to PWTC. We were craving for Tutti Frutti actually (fine, not we but rather me :P) so we trained to Ampang Park semata-mata untuk TF. I managed to do a little bit of shopping at KLCC and Pasar Seni, whee!

Nonetheless, the two local girls are bangsa yang tak reti naik tren sampai kitaorang end up sesat. So in the end, tourist ni jugak yang tunjuk jalan :P The last time I came to Malaysia, I took the train to gerak sana sini so I basically know my way lah. Tak macam orang tuh, token pun taktau pakai :PPPP

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur 2012:
Well I have to say it's the most memorable event of the year. Perhaps. Being a promoter, I can't deny it's really tiring. Having to work from 10am-9pm/10am-7pm for 10 days is definitely...bleargh. (Well I had 2 days off for signing though kekeke)

I love working as a promoter with kak Shida, kak Wan, kak Diyana & abang Aris. Tiap-tiap kali orang datang tanya pasal cerita Nah, untuk awak! confirm Nir akan lari dan cari orang-orang ni. Entah lah, I don't feel comfortable promoting my own book hahaha. Tapi ada time-time tertentu bila takde orang dapat 'selamatkan' Nir jadi terpaksa la 'promote' jugak.

I also had fun teasing kak Siti (and abang booth sebelah yang selalu datang jenguk booth JS sebab nak tukar duit *padahal ada makna lain*), lepak kat storeroom borak-borak dengan storekeepers (also kerah abang stor tolong belikan setabak kat The Mall :P) & not forgetting kpop talk dengan kak Yana.

I also had a good time walking around doing my own book shopping bila PWTC dah lengang sikit (during weekdays). I've never been to any book fair before so it was really an experience for me. I get to skodeng other booths, fangirl mintak otograp penulis (sedih, queue nak otograp Ain Maisarah sangat panjang but I really love her kedai bling bling!) and I really made a lot of friends! (Termasuk adik *cough* booth sebelah yang dengan baik hati telah membelanja Caramel Frappe :PP)

Nothing beats the awesome people I met there and the lovely people I befriend. Really. Everyone's nice. Terlalu banyak memori indah yang terakam di sini. If I were to write about everything...confirm exceed 2000 patah perkataan :P
So I'd better stop here hehe.

My last day in KL was superb as well! Initially I planned to just laze around while waiting for my flight but kak Di offered to jalan-jalan. We went to Alamanda to catch Avengers! Nyehehehe. I'm not really a big fan of action movies (I don't even watch Transformers or Thor - but of course I do know their existence heh), but I love this. Maybe because it's filled with sarcasm and humor and it's brilliant!

Oh yes we also had lunch at Black Canyon. Her friend, abang Moez, tagged along. I get to know him during Pesta Buku as well, he worked as Duta Buku (in other words - penunjuk arah booth apa kat mana :P)

Well then I guess it's finally time to go home. Kakyah & Aisyah send me to the airport. Hehe. Was touched to see my girlfriends there. So semangat one redah trafic jam semata-mata nak send me off. Thank you so much guiseeee! (':

Flight was at 1900 hours. And I safely reached Singapore at 1950 hours. I had Burger King for dinner before I finally head home sweet home. Nyehehehe.

Such a long entry? Well I owed one. And I'm done for now yay!
I miss KL and everything in between. In fact, I already do.
Thanks for the memories, everyone ♥



  1. the first picture.the gerai tauhu one,is near my house la kak nir!so close that i can just walk to the gerai ! aaaaaaa haha ><

  2. "token pun tak tau pakai.." hahahha.. terasa tawww.. ;p last time kite pg kl, dah beberapa bln lepas so x taw train skang dah x pakai kad, tapi token. ho ho ho.. ;p

  3. hahahaa bab token tu lawak.
    but honestly, masa ika 1st time naik dah tukar token tu pon macam lost sikit. blurr depan mesin tu nak buat apa =p

  4. [FNMR] Really? Oh rumah yang I tumpang tu pun dekat area situ jugak actually! Hehe.

    [Mia Kaftiya] Hais tak peka dengan keadaan sekeliling lah awak nik! :PPP Kekekeke.

    [Haikadove] Hahahaha masa Nir mula2 pakai token tu pun Nir mcm...benda alah ni nak sumbat kat mana?? Rupanya kena 'tap' je. Hahaha.

  5. Nir tumpang rumah siapa?

  6. PWTC Kuala Lumpur . Yep , I met kak Nir kat sane ! And, and anda agak peramah suggested novel-II best . Firstly , saya tak kenal kak Nir . Sejak kak Nir suggested novel 'Ikhlas A.K' , saya fall in love kat nukilan anda . It's 100% awesome :D Syukran jazilan ;)

  7. PWTC KL . Yep , I met kak Nir kat sana . And , anda agak peramah sebab suggested novel-II yang best . 'Ikhlas A.K' . Saya teruja kot baca novel ni . And , I started admire dengan anda punya nukilan ! Syukran jazilan :D Teruskan menulis berjuta billion perkataan . Hehe