Monday, June 04, 2012

My past three weeks in a summary!

I have so much to blog about I don't even know where to start! :(

The past few weeks were really hectic. Though I'm no longer working, my schedule's crazy. I've been running around here and there, every now and then.

Okay so few weeks back I went to NTU for an interview. I didn't know how to get there so I decided to bring my sister along (since dia dah school holiday and alang-alang nak sesat, biar sesat berdua jangan sesat sorang-sorang, betul tak? :P) And of course, as expected, we got lost. Dua-dua tak boleh harap. Memang hopeless when it comes to direction.

So after all the hassle, we thought we deserved good food and decided to settle with Swensen's at IMM!

Some other days later, I volunteered at Madrasah Al Irsyad. Had to bring the primary 2 kids to Jurong Bird Park! It was fun, I don't deny. But I have to admit that it was mentally and physically challenging. I thought I was going to lose my voice cause nobody really listened to me and I had to scream a lot of times just to get their attention.

After today's excursion, I concluded that I'm not suited to be a primary school teacher. Sekian terima kasih. Hahahaha.

was also involved in Perkampungan Bahas 2012. It was a 4 day 3 night camp at National University of Singapore's Prince Georges Park Residence. Those days were super tiring I swear but it was really fun! I'm still waiting for abang Zul to upload the photos, will share them here later :D

Anyways. Back from camp, I was craving for English books to read. Don't ask me why. Decided to drag my sister along to White Sands library. I was craving for Mad Jack's Mad Thai Curry so we decided to have our lunch there!
Also the Diari Bahas team had a meeting last Friday. And then we merayap afterwards, went to Geylang cause Sakinah & Humy wanted to find abaya while I had to go to Toko Warisan. Abang Zul & Kak Falah is forever making me laugh with their nonsensical joke. Hais, what do I do without them? :D

Saturday was lepak day with family. Ibu wanted to go to Courts, abang needs a pair of new shoes, Mai needs a new phone and Syira needs a simcard. Me? I didn't need anything :P Hahahaha. I'm a happy girl though cause I managed to upgrade my phone to iPhone 3GS yay! Alhamdulillah (:

Last but not least, went to Singapore Book Fair 2012 with Humy, Diana & Fadhil. Truthfully I was super excited when I reached Suntec. But...sigh the poster cheat my feelings only! There's nothing much to look at or browse or buy.

We had this sudden idea of going to Marina Square to catch a Snow White and The Huntsman and the next thing I knew, we already bought 4 tickets for the 21:40 hour show. That. Was. Super. Random! Kekekeke. Show ended near to midnight and we were all running to chase the last train. Epic gilaaaaa!

Lucky for me though cause I've planned to go home with abang who was out also so we met at City Hall MRT and cabbed home (:

On Sunday, went to visit ayah. Don't know why I was being emotional. I rarely cry when we come to visit. But yesterday was....weird. Everyone was fine. Even ibu was cool. But I started crying as if I'm a young child wanting to be consoled. I missed him badly, I guess. I've a lot of things in mind to tell him. Nevermind. He's in a better place I guess. I hope. I pray. Ameen! Insya Allah.

To end the week, I met my KKS brothers at Causeway Point Coffee Bean to pass them some stuff. I bought red velvet but it doesn't taste nice. Such a disappointment! Hais :((
So this is my 3 weeks (or so) in a not so short summary? Nyehehehe. Till I blog again. Toodles for now lovely readers. Salam alaikum (:


  1. sekarang kau boleh bayang kan cemana aku rasa bila ajar budak primary.hahahaha.