Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I spend my Ramadhan?

Salam readers, how time flies eh? It's already the sixth day of Ramadhan. Hamdan lillah, we're blessed to live to this day, to grab as much opportunities as we can to purify ourselves and seek forgiveness from Him (:

Since I've already established a belief that there are some things we have to keep to ourselves, Ibadahs especially. As such, I shan't reveal my daily routine but I do intend to share some tips I got from Quran Weekly page (;

Truthfully I don't believe in rushing to read 10 juzu' per day if you're reading blindly and your tajwid is all over the place. Remember sweets, it's the quality that counts. Not quantity. Don't push yourself and be sincere in whatever you do. Don't try to please others, because this month is for Him. Solely Him. Tajdid your niat, dear sisters!

It's nearing Maghrib already so toodles for now. Selamat berbuka!
Ps: Biar orang pandang kita sebelah mata, asal terpelihara dari riak.

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