Saturday, July 21, 2012


Well the story goes like this. Humy & Dee were desperate to get out of Singapore to travel and asked me to join in. The initial plan was to go to Pulau Redang, but of course, without chaperones, we didn't succeed in getting our parents' approval.

And so came Fadhil, our fellow Pergas classmate said, "I'm going backpacking to KL with my friends next week. Mau join?"
Bak pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang...of course we were exhilarated! Hehehehe.

And so....on the night of 25th we go to KL! Woohoo!

Meet the guys: Zamir, Fadhil, Rizal, Hermi and Farhan!
And the girls: Humy, myself of course and Dee!

Well as you can see, this trip was really....lepak! I didn't intend to shop cause this is probably the third time I turun KL this year? My only intention is to eat goooood food. And so, good food did we eat! Hahaha. I really lost count how many times we stopped just to eat - but we eat a lot! Especially Subway, since they were having their 1 for 1 offer. Keh keh keh :D

But of course, one's gotta shop when one sees good stuff. Despite telling myself not to shop, I ended up buying a Cath & Kidston bag, a few skirts and long pants, accessories and books. And I also managed to catch a midnight movie keh keh keh. Not to worry, it's all within my budget. Hahahaha. I brought only what, 400RM? 150RM was set aside for bus and hotel though.

Oh yes speaking of hotel, we were all so budget we only booked two rooms (although the hotel policy states one room for two), the boys shared one room and the girls shared one. Well at least for the girls, 3 pax in one room is bearable, I really can't imagine how the five boys squeezed themselves in a small room. *Salutes* Hahaha.

And we traveled around KL by foot. Walking all the way from Masjid Jamek to KLCC and then to Times Square and then to Petaling Street and also Pudu. It was exhausting but extremely fun, especially when I was surrounded by awesome people (;

Ps: And I have to conclude that, to know one better, one must travel together. *Wiggles eyebrow* Nyehehehe.


  1. woooaah.. *kagum* kita sendiri pun x pernah travel around-kl-by-foot okehh.. hohoho >__<

  2. Hahahaha nak budget punya pasal, taknak spend on transport jadi kita pun jalan lah ahhahaha