Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nineteenth ♥

I've never had birthday parties before. Surprises yes, but big bashes no. Well, honestly...personally I'd prefer spending my birthday with my close clique and my loved ones. Despite all these hoo-haas, I'm quite an introvert actually you see :P

Apparently I had to attend an event for work on my birthday so I only reached home about ten, almost eleven? Well I expected everyone to turn in to bed already since it was late. But my sisters were still up, waiting to wish me 'Happy birthday' and ibu had just finished baking for me my favourite brownie.

Sigh. When I think about it again...I get emotional sometimes. Allah has blessed me with a perfect mother, annoying but sweet sisters and super caring brother. What more can I ask for?

How can I not love my family? Even without ayah's presence, he's still alive in our hearts ♥

Ps: Fa bi ayyi ala irabbikuma tukazziban?

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