Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Short getaway to Batam!

As promised! Batam trip pictures yay!

Well firstly we had our breakfast at Harbour Front Ferry Terminal's Banquet. We had roti bakar lah, classic kan! Zaman bila tu eh makan roti bakar untuk sarapan. Macam dah lama tak buat. Kekeke. Oh yes, mak long, pak long & nenek tagged along so there's a total of eight of us :D

It took approximately about an hour to reach Batam. The ferry was a freezer I swear. I almost died. I should have brought a jacket! Gahh!

Pak Long had already book a van for us to jalan-jalan here. It's a 12 seater van actually, so quite comfy :D Senang for us to go here & there cause kat sini the public transport is not very reliable & most cab drivers can't be trusted (according to the locals ok, ni bukan statement pandai-pandai buat sendiri)!

This was our lunch. Nasi Padang! Sungguh, diorang serve like.....more than 20 types of dishes? Tapi in small plates lah. But really, everything also nice! You can pick and choose what you want. They will charge you based on what you take. So let's say ada 12 lauk kat situ & you only touch 9, lagi 3 diorang tak charge lah (: SEDAP GILA I TELL YOU ESPECIALLY THE LAUK LEMAK AYAM CILI PADI! Sorry for the caps. Sungguh, pedas gila tahap meleleh airmata tapi power!

We went to several shopping malls, one of them is....Nagoya mall. Heaven for shopaholics I tell you! Everything is super cheap! I bought a few long dresses for about SGD15 each. 3 perfumes for less than SGD10. LV fake (but high quality!) bag for about SGD8. I only brought about SGD60 with me and I managed to buy a LOT of goods there :D

We also went to the pasar kering (direct translation for pasar basah nye opposite?? Haha). This one heaven for mother, makcik & nenek generation lah kekeke :P

Was on the way to another mall when this guy tiba-tiba muncul right beside me at the window and performed some random song. Kelakar gilaa! Penyanyi jalanan yang sangat cool & selamba gilaa ^^

They say tak sah tak singgah A&W if we see one. Keh keh keh. Root beer float for the win!

Our dinner was seafood! Awesome gila! On the spot tangkap whatever we ordered and then they cook. We had to wait for quite sometime but it was worth it, really! I actually tambah nasi a few times & ratah ikan & udang like dah bertahun tak makan. Ooops :P


Oh yes the restaurant is also a nice place to do photoshoot! We had our own photo taking session while waiting for the food to arrive nyehehehe. Love the shots! :D

Yes I truly enjoyed my trip to Batam and we'll come back next year insya Allah, kalau ada rezeki! ((:

Okie I'm done for now! Nyehehehe. More pictures to come when I've the time to! Toodles!

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