Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Final Showdown!

Well right after Bulan Bahasa 2012 launch, I had to rush and cab down all the way to Mediacorp for Bahas 4PM Finals.

Sekilas pandang mauduk: Rakyat Singapura harus lebih bersyukur dengan keadaan hidup mereka (something along that line) made me think, proposition will definitely own this. But upon listening to opposition's arguments, I thought...wow! Their point of view is definitely out of the box! So it was not surprising when Madrasah Al Maarif, the opposition team, emerged champions for Bahas 4PM 2012! Mabruk!

Not forgetting, congrats to Ummu Rabbisyfina for winning not only pembahas terbaik untuk peringkat akhir, but also pembahas terbaik keseluruhan! You deserve it babe! Mabruk alaiki (:

Photo taken during preliminary rounds with the girls! (:Those who'd like to watch the finals may do so by clicking HERE!

Anyways, seperti tahun-tahun yang sudah, we the 2010/2011 debaters batch will all go for dinner together. So this year we had our dinner at Long John Silvers!

Alhamdulillah, berakhir sudah siri Bahas 4PM 2012 dengan jayanya! Looking forward to Pasca Perjumpaan Bahas 4PM cum iftar session at Kak Ayu's crib! Whee~

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