Monday, July 02, 2012

The week ahead as planned.

Featuring my KL backpacking buddies:
Farhan, Fadhil, Hermi, Zamir, Rizal & Diana
Ps: The boys were forced to do the 'peace' sign lol!

Alhamdulillah. It's the start of another week (: EPT was not half bad, KL trip was super fun (wish it didn't end though), Diari Bahas printing went well, Bulan Bahasa 2012 launching was beyond awesome & Bahas Finals 4PM was excited! Would really love to upload pictures here. I've a lotttt to upload! But sadly I've no time to, as usual :( Sigh! Will do so asap once I have the time to.

Oh wells. Here's my plan for the week:-

Halaqah Tahsin

Back to IJ to collect SGC
Usuluddin class at Masjid Kassim

Appointment at National Arts Council

Briefing at NTU/NIE
Usuluddin class at Masjid Kassim

Collection of namecards at Jurong East

YODA debate preliminary round
Tun Fatimah play at Esplanade

Off to Anyer, Banten Jakarta!

See how packed my schedule is? :( Tiring....but fulfilling I hope!
Gotta rush for class now. See you when I see you! Salam alaikum!


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