Saturday, August 04, 2012


So I've moved in my hostel few days back. And apparently (most) everyone's asking, 'Don't you want to go home? Don't you miss your family? Aren't you homesick?'

Hahahaha. To be honest, I'm used to it. I'm getting used to adapting. I'm getting used to be in strange places. And I'm already used to be alone :D

Besides, I'm still in Singapore, although I'm at the other end of Singapore. Travelling time is like, almost two and a half hours? If I'm really desperate to go back I can just flag a cab and go home. Kan?

Nonetheless I don't deny I miss home. I miss home cooked food. I miss my brother's nonsensical joke. I miss my sisters squabbles. (And I miss the toilet the most, haha) But I guess I'm just not the emotional sentimental type. I don't express myself well.

I'm embracing a new life and I don't want to waste it away. I'm gonna experience as much as I can, have fun while doing so, gain more knowledge and widen my circle of friends. And I'd like to do well too. First class degree, insya Allah? I'm gonna work hard for it, of course. Biiznillah!

So hello, university life! I'm ready for you.


  1. all the best nir!!;)
    hope u can adapt to uni life ASAp..


  2. All the best to you.