Thursday, November 08, 2012

It can be anything: A poem by Alfian Saat

It doesn’t have to be anything. It can be the sight of you putting on your watch, almost instinctive, how your thumb locks that metal tooth into its slot (unconsciously you are measuring your wrist also as this is done), and then the way you shake your hand so the leather strap (musty with your smell) doesn’t stick to your skin. You move so effortlessly from bondage to dancing that way.

It doesn’t have to be anything. It can be the sound of the way you sneeze, the panic in your scrunched-up eyes, the flaring of your nostrils, the air crumpling like cellophane as it is vacuumed into your channels, and then the equal and opposite reaction, and finally the apologetic nose-rubbing, like a child who can’t tell a lie. You move from a kind of fright to something one could freeze to rapture, and then you sniff down to sheepishness. Just like the first time we…

It doesn’t have to be anything. It can be the smell of your hair as you lean against my front, the name of the shampoo you obstinately refuse to tell me, because then I would associate it with some flower or herb or fruit, and I would find the ingredients of your enchantment printed on the side of a plastic bottle.

It doesn’t have to be anything. It can be you accidentally knocking your knee against mine while we’re on a bus seat, withdrawing it, and then, correcting yourself, letting it rest against my knee again. It can be the way you talk to the insurance agent who has suddenly ambushed you (and who I had craftily strayed away from), and the pleading S.O.S. signals you send across to me with your glances. It can be you pointing at a star as if absolutely certain my eyes would rest on the correct one. It can be the way you piggy-back my gaze as you leave the table to order our food. It can be in how you confide in me, as we hug on your bed, your fear of the sea.

It doesn’t have to be anything…

And I’m in love.

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Ps: I dunno if it's the casual way he recited it or the sincerity I felt when I first heard this....or perhaps it's just me. I'd probably die of diabetes if someone dedicates this to me hahaha. Too sweet to be true :X

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  1. I was reading this and the first thing I thought.... Baik kepe Nir berbunga in English! Sekali... haha.

    It's beautiful tho. ;)