Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's o v e r

I sort of screwed my last examination paper. No, I shall not blame the fact that I was down with flu. No, I shall not blame the fedac pill that made me drowsy, nor the air-conditioner that was blasting in the hall. 

I shall blame myself. Because I'm sure even if I was in the pinkest of health I still couldn't ace the paper. As much as I love and enjoy Malay literature, I'm not good at criticizing and analyzing. University literature and Junior College literature are two separate things. JC's literature is based on syllabus. I know what to expect. I know what to learn. Uni's literature is abstract. Random. Different. I'm too used to spoon feeding, I guess.

And thats probably why I'm struggling here.

I shall worry about the results later and leave everything to Him to decide. On a brighter note, I smell freedom. Oow yes!

Ps: Mana mungkin ku gapai bintang di angkasa sedang hasrat ke langit pun langsung tiada?

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